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    Arena of the Gladiators

    Aggressive and powerful, this Compello piece employs an archaic style to conjure up the days of the original "survivors," the gladiators who were as celebrated in Roman times as our own sports heroes are today. Basic rhythms and simple counterpoint are put to good use in this striking piece. Duration: 2' Key: C Minor Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - C; Trombone - G

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    Armed Forces - The Pride of America! - Boskerck

    This is the definitive patriotic armed forces tribute. It features the official songs of all five branches of the Armed Forces, plus The Pledge of Allegiance and The Star-Spangled Banner, with optional audience participation. It even includes parts of Sousa marches as interludes! (The U. S. Army song is the original The Caissons Go Rolling Along version.)This version can be performed as Concert Band with or without Strings, and with piano, SATB, SAB, Two-part, or Men's Chorus.Reproducible string parts are included.

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    Armed Forces The Pride of America! - Boskerck

    With theme songs from all five branches of the armed forces, stirring march themes from John Philip Sousa, and both the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem of the United States of America, Armed Forces - The Pride of America has become a staple for patriotic programs. Arrangers Larry Clark and Greg Gilpin have taken great care in creating a uniquely flexible setting both in instrumentation and performance. Designed to be performed by band, orchestra, or chorus, separately or in any conceivable combination, ensembles need not be limited by size or instrumentation. Careful attention has also been paid to playability for ease of performance and rehearsal. An optional ending allows even further flexibility when performance time is a consideration and an optional narrator part can be used to invite rousing audience participation. This popular medley is sure to bring a stunning performance in almost any setting.

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    Arrival At Normandy

    Arrival at Normandy depicts the entry into Normandy by our forces on D-Day. The tune uses only the first 6 notes learned in most band method and the most difficult rhythm is quarter note based in the winds. Perfect contest/festival showcase piece for a beginning band.

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    Arts du Cirque - Bill Calhoun

    Arts du Cirque takes the listener on a musical journey through a day at the circus. You hear the lion tamers, the trapeze artist--you even hear the clowns. It is a tapestry of sounds and marvelously orchestrated colors, not a tongue-in-cheek presentation. This new work for band will fit nicely as a contrasting piece on a concert, contest, or festival program.

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    As We Search

    This programmatic composition, inspired by the many ghost stories that have come from the mysterious occurrence of lights on Brown Mountain, North Carolina, musically tells the story of a missing 19th-centurywoman that is searched for every night by villagers. Using exposed instrumental lines, a developing three-note theme, and contemporary harmonic and percussive elements, this composition for mature concert bands is a great choice for contest or as a unique and different programing contrasting selection.

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    A dynamic concert overture that derives most of its force and material from the striking fanfare motive announced in the opening measure by horns and trumpets (concert Eb, Bb, Ab, Db). The bold opening in compound time is followed by a suave and flowing Adagio in 4/4 meter that makes a lovely tune out of a variant of the opening motive. At measure 103, with a marimba solo, the Allegro style and compound meter return for a rousing and invigorating climax. This piece is a significant addition to the band repertoire for concert and contest. Duration: 6'30" Keys: Eb, Ab Ranges: Trumpet - A; Horn - F; Trombone - G)

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    It is all too common for pieces to be written for the loss of members of high school bands. This is such a piece, but it is uplifting and inspiring, serving as a touching tribute to the lives lost. The piece takes the listener on a journey through the stages of grief and uses a popular hymn as the basis for this serious work by popular composer Larry Clark.

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    Aspirations is written for the youngest and least experienced of musicians, who have only had a short time on their instruments. This piece uses minimal material, including no more than two repeated eighth notes as the most difficult rhythm. It contains bold fanfare gestures, marcato melodic material, and a contrasting legato theme. Every section of the ensemble is featured in this surprisingly sophisticated, yet very attainable piece.

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    At Sight (March) - Harold Bennett

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