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    Angel Echoes

    As the title implies, Angel Echoes uses a lot of echo effects throughout, and is based on the interval of a descending perfect fifth. The piece begins with a lush statement of the subtle "angel" theme, which is used throughout the piece and ultimately as the climactic material later in the work. With teachable material steeped in musicality, this remarkable work for developing ensembles will not disappoint.

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    Angels In The Bleak Midwinter

    Larry Clark has a certain knack for combining beloved Christmas carols and making them sound as if they always belonged together. In this work, your students will get to play not only Holst's haunting, lovely "In the Bleak Midwinter," but also the joyous "Angels We Have Heard on High." This is the perfect piece to end your holiday concert with a feeling of warmth and joy.

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    Angels on Parade

    For very beginning students, Carl Strommen gives us a new arrangement of a popular Christmas carol in march style, making it sound as if angels are marching down the street in a parade. This well-scored arrangement will play very easily for young students while sounding full and strong Take a serious look at this for your next holiday concert.

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    Angels Sing - Bill Calhoun

    Angels Sing is a symphonic mix of the two familiar Christmas carols: "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." Both themes are seamlessly woven together to create a composition that will develop your group's musicality. Listen for thematic fragments throughout all the voices and pay close attention to the work's tempo and meter changes. Angels Sing is a piece worthy of serious study, filled with emotional moments to satisfy both the performer and listener alike.

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    Angels Will Come

    With a melody developed through the use of meter and tone color combinations and changes, students will learn blend and balance while also experiencing an essential part of band performance, the lyrical ballad. Your percussionists will also have the rare opportunity to create expressive moments as their contribution is an integral part of this piece's structure. Let your ensemble's skills shine with this challenging, yet rewarding, composition.

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    Annie Laurie - Anonymous

    The song "Annie Laurie" was written to her by William Douglas, and amended by Lady John Scott. This song was a favorite with Scottish soldiers during the Crimean War. Composer Carl Strommen gives us a wonderful new setting of this popular folk song that explores all of the glorious colors of the modern concert band. A great change of pace piece for any concert and a great way to improve the musicianship of your students.

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    In every great story there is always an antagonist, the character of opposing force who is central to the success of the story. Larry Clark has applied this concept to music in a new beginning band piece, fascinating in sound and an excellent cross-curricular tie with English classes, musically illustrating the structure of a good story. This piece is aggressive and at times, purposely antagonizing. Designed with the youngest of players in mind, it works on simple repeated eighth note patterns as the foundation for the melodic material. As is typical in a Larry Clark piece, interesting parts are provided for all instruments, and everyone gets to play the melody.

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    Anthracite Blaze

    Inspired by George Inness' 1855 painting The Lackawanna Valley, Anthracite Blaze depicts the tragic early 20th century mine fires that destroyed many boomtowns in that area of Pennsylvania. This piece is bold and sets the mood with a seriousness that will hold the attention of your students and audiences. This piece sounds far more sophisticated than it is technically to play.

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    Antiquitas - Bill Calhoun

    Antiquitas is ideal for your students' first year concert program. With its modal qualities and dance-like character, Antiquitas takes your imagination back in time. All sections of the ensemble get the opportunity to become the melodic focus within this work. Making use of contrasting marcato and legato playing, your students will learn to incorporate these techniques to maximize musicality at a very early point in their musical careers.

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    Set in a Roman style, this aggressive Joseph Compello piece is sure to be one of your band's favorites. It is a full and powerful piece that is much easier to play than it sounds.

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