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    Ballet of fhe Gnomes

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    Ballet of the Dinosaur Hatchlings

    Ballet of the Dinosaur Hatchlingsisan imaginative and funselection for a beginning band with less than one year of instruction. Wind parts use only five pitches and only the percussion partsuse eighth notes. Two sound effects are required in the piece.First, the hatching eggs are portrayed by a ratchet, and second, the snapping dinosaurs jaws are represented by a slapstick. Ballet of the Dinosaur Hatchlings isan intriguing piece that beginning students are sure to love.

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    Bandanna Overture

    Bandanna is the extraordinary opera commissioned by a consortium of 79 members of the College Band Directors National Association, and premiered at the CBDNA convention in Austin, TX on February 28, 1999. This overture is not a part of the opera, but an independent concert work created by the composer for concert performance. A brilliantly scored composition, that has already been adopted by the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List, Overture to "Bandanna" features many musical ideas from the opera including the wonderful melody that brings audiences to their feet. This idea also forms the climax of "Wedding Dances". Duration: 9'

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    Bandology - Eric Osterling

    Using rich, full dance band chords and interesting rhythms, this standard of school and community bands for over 50 years, has been re-edited and corrected with the modern concert band in mind. A stop-time section for brass and percussion and a pleasingly lyrical trio have made this light concert march a perennial audience and performer favorite. This new edition will be a valuable addition to any band's library.

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    Barn Dance

    It is suggested that there was an actual piece called "Dancing in the Barn" that gave rise to the term "barn dance." These were generally community events that included square dancing, Morris and Contra, and English country dancing. The theme in Barn Dance is in country-and-western style with a broad gospel-like introduction. Nothing but pure fun!

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    Barnum Woods (March)

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    Basses Are Aces

    Designed by a master of writing for this grade level, Bases Are Aces was written to encourage the low brass and woodwind players, while still being fun for the whole band to play. A great recruitment piece, it will motivate the frequently overlooked members of the low instrument contingent, who anchor the band. Some simple syncopations, such as a spoken line by the other members of the band ("How low can you go?") and a brief, repeated, "cadenza," add to the fun of this clever piece. Duration: 3' 10"

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    Battle Hymn of the Republic - William Steffe

    Made popular by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Grammy winning performance in 1959, Peter Wilhousky's famous arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic has remained a staple to this day. In this Critical Edition for Band edited by Justin P. Tokke, a new arrangement has been crafted based on Wilhousky's original orchestral scoring. To enhance playability, generous cross-cuing and doubling of the choral parts have been applied in cases where the band version is played without voices. This new arrangement ensures complete compatibility with both the choral and orchestral versions, with matching measure numbers and rehearsal marks, and comes complete with a full score and parts produced with modern engraving standards. This exciting edition is ready to continue Wilhousky's legacy and hopes to inspire future collaboration and new performance opportunities.

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    Battle Quest - Mike Forbes

    Battle Quest has a feeling of a video game or movie soundtrack, with vibrant, powerful themes. However, it is still very playable for developing bands. Mike Forbes has penned a piece that will make your group sound much more musically mature than their experience.

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    Battlefront is a cinematic composition for the developing concert band. The music is bold and rhythmic throughout but also contains contrasting lyrical sections that allow for valuable teaching moments. The prominent use of the lower voices in the melodic passages is a perfect opportunity for them to take the lead while showing the high voices how to accompany, strengthening your ensemble's unity and awareness.

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