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  • £279.99

    "...Then Thy Words Will Take Wing..." (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    ...Then Thy Words Will Take Wing... is a four movement composition based upon drawings made by Russian painter Zinovii Tolkatchev (1903-1970), who served as official artist during the liberation of concentration camps in Auschwitz. After the war, Tolkatchev's works were published and now tour the world as a travelling exhibition. This composition is a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust who still remain nameless, and is a powerful piece to include in any concert programme.

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  • £54.95

    "C" IS FOR CHORALE (Young Band) - Erickson, Frank

    The Choral Fantasy varies from the Choral Prelude in that it is much freer in form and style. This number opens with a variation of the fanfare that has been traditionally inserted as an introduction and interlude between stanzas. The chorale is then presented in a traditional harmonization by the full band. The second section is in a faster tempo, and is based on statements of the opening motive of the hymn presented in fugal style

  • £56.99

    '60s Rock Mix (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Brown, Michael

    The timeless pop hits of the '60s are remembered and enjoyed by parents and students alike. Featuring a driving rock style and the familiar riffs from an era gone by, this entertaining medley includes Devil With the Blue Dress, Gimme Some Lovin', and Louie, Louie.

  • £46.95

    'Tis the Season (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Beck, Brian

    Delight your holiday audiences with a charming and colourful set of variations on this popular Christmas carol. A jolly setting leads to a Spanish bolero, a march, and a Bach-style fugue, ending with a traditional setting full of holiday spirit!Duration: 2.15

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  • £45.95

    'Tis the Season to Be Jolly! (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Hanby & Pierpont - Adams, Doug

    Seamlessly joining holiday gems, this medley will make the season glisten. A snap to prepare, there's one brief ritardando between the tunes, then they'll be off to hang their stockings with care!Duration: 1:45

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  • £74.95

    'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Smith, Robert W.

    "Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" is a traditional Canadian carol which was originally written in the Huron Indian language by a Jesuit missionary. Robert W. Smith captures the mystique of the native Indian culture, and voices the percussion to be as 'ethnically' accurate as possible. Haunting!Duration: 5.15

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  • £45.95

    'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Story, Michael

    Also known as the "Huron Carol," this carol melody is as expressive as the tale it depicts. Michael Story has musically captured the essence of this beautiful theme in 'Twas In the Moon of Wintertime. A charming addition to traditional Christmas fare!Duration: 2.10

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  • £68.00

    'Twas The Night Before - Shaffer, David

    With a fanfare emphasis on the brass and percussion section, David Shaffer has cleverly woven 4 classic Christmas tunes into a high-energy medley of pure enjoyment for your students and your audiences. Perfect for an opening holiday fanfare or a dramatic closer to your program, the optional antiphonal brass will make this arrangement a sure hit for your holiday program.

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  • £68.50

    'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Narrator with Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Bullock, Jack

    This easy-to-assemble work will be a wonderful addition to every Christmas concert. You'll need to add a narrator to read the traditional poem. The musical vignettes that 'answer' each spoken segment range from comical to lush and musical. An ingenious holiday treat for your audience and students that's tongue-in-cheek!Duration: 7:00

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  • £44.95

    (Do You Want) Salsa with That? (Flexible Solo with Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Henry, Larry

    Solo parts included for C Instruments (TC & BC), Bb Instruments, Eb Instruments and F Instruments.(Do You Want) Salsa With That? is a light-hearted Latin tune that features your "star" player. The solo, written for almost every instrument, makes this a flexible selection for any group that gives students a chance to "get in front of the band." Your audience will love the Latin percussion instruments playing a mambo rhythm that will bring a smile to everyone's face. You can enhance the rhythm section to include almost any number of Latin instruments. Solid scoring and little technical demand make this piece reachable for the youngest of bands, but the rich harmonies, beautiful melody and syncopated rhythms make it sound sophisticated for the more mature player. This is a timeless selection your audience will enjoy for years to come.Duration: 2.30

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