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    Ayers Rock - Henk Hogestein

    The famous monolith Ayers Rock (also called Uluru) is the only true attraction in the Northern Territory of Australia. This colossal red rock lies in the middle of a desert plain. At dusk, a beautiful spectacle develops as the setting sun envelops the rock in rose-red hues. There are tourists who climb the rock, while this is a taboo according to the indigenous religion of the Aboriginals. Besides, the climb is very strenuous. A walk around the rock is also an unforgettable experience.During a journey through Australia, Henk Hogestein was inspired by this rock; he composed this robust rock number to cherish the memory of it.

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    See Rock City - By Brant Karrick

    See Rock City is a fun, rock jam session for concert band! Fusing elements of rock, jazz, and funk styles, all sections of the band equally contribute familiar riffs, grooves, and melodies weaved throughout the three-part form---fast-funk-fun! Partly inspired by driving through the southeastern part of the United States, particularly Tennessee, it is hard to miss the words painted on barns, birdhouses, and billboards---See Rock City! The attraction atop Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga displays the region's quirky sense of humor as well as its breathtaking beauty. Whether looking at seven states, standing under a waterfall, or walking through a cavern full of glowing gnomes, Rock City, like this namesake piece, is just pure, simple, fun.

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    Rock the Bells - Arr. Victor López

    Push back the furniture and roll up the rug, 'cause this holiday kicker is gonna rock the house! With hard-driving rhythms and an oh-so-comfortable jazz/rock groove, Rock the Bells will help you and your audience celebrate the holidays in a very special way. This happenin' chart will bring down the proverbial house. "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and "Rock on!" y'all! (1:54) Easy

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    Rock Collection - Etienne Crausaz

    With Rock Collection, Etienne Crausaz offers a set of two original works and one arrangement: Rock Feel is a very lively piece with a lovely dialogue between the wind and percussion instruments; Go Down Moses is a rock arrangement of the well-known, harmonically colourful Negro spiritual; and Music School Rock, written in a minor key, alternates a rhythmic motif and a quieter, more tuneful melody. This collection of four-part pieces for ensembles with varied instrumentation is suitable for any wind band.

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    Rock Your World

    Rock Your World is the perfect choice for your beginning students' first concert. With its gospel rock character and harmonic structure, Rock Your World provides performers with an entertaining first ensemble experience. Even though the music is written to use only the first six notes of the B flat concert scale, it is carefully crafted to produce a musical, full ensemble sound. Rock Your World is sure to become a favorite with your students.

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