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    Celebrare Celeberrime - Phillip Littlemore

    Celebrare Celeberrime: to celebrate to the full and with the greatest speed. This title appeals as a general philosophy of living one's life to the fullest. In the context of such a short work the intention is to lead, as quickly as possible, to a sense of joy and excitement without dwelling on the grandiose. The finale of this little, joyous work is intended to sound precipitous rather than declamatory, hopefully leading the audience on to anything that might follow. A soundclip of this piece can be found here Item Code: 0-571-56614-6 Duration: 4'40" Grade: 5

  • £55.00

    Coronation Scene - Modest Mussorgsky - Phillip Littlemore

    Few operas have had such a remarkable history as Mussorgsky’s masterpiece Boris Godunov . It exists in no less than three complete versions by the composer himself, as well as posthumous editions and orchestrations by Rimsky-Korsakov (from which this arrangement is taken), Shostakovich and others. The Coronation Scene is set in the Square of the Moscow Kremlin, between the Cathedral of the Assumption and the Cathedral of Archangel Michael, the year is 1598. After being crowned as Tsar, Boris Godunov acknowledges the people’s acclamations and the bells of the two cathedrals, as well as many churches within the vicinity, can be heard ringing out across St Petersburg. Item Code: TPWB-001 Duration: 6'00 (4'30" with cut) Grade: 3.5 ?

  • £49.99

    Keystone Kops - Carl Davis - Phillip Littlemore

    The Keystone Kops was a series of silent comedies featuring an incompetent group of policemen. They first appeared in the 1912 film Hoffmeyer's Legacy but it was the 1913 feature The Bangville Police that confirmed their popularity. The Keystone Kops were renowned for making mistakes, particularly with a great deal of energy and activity, and all done with a major lack of coordination. Carl Davis's energetic theme provides a fitting musical portrait of a silverscreen phenomenon. A soundclip of this piece can be found here Item Code:?0-571-56653-7 Duration: 2'40" Grade: 4

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    Long Road - Phillip Littlemore

    Eriks Eswenvalds' Long Road has the simple sincerity of a hymn yet is is both beautiful and lush. At the midway point a gentle susurration of bell-sounds, descant recorders and tin whistles appear over sustained brass. There is a brief downwards shift of a third, followed by an elated return to the home key before the evanescent tinkling ushers the piece to its close. Phillip Littlemore has here created a vivid new version for concert band. Item Code: EP68714 Duration: 5'10" Grade: 4

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    Music for a Found Harmonium - Phillip Littlemore

    The Penguin Caf? Orchestra, founded by Simon Jeffes, created an instantly recognisable sound world, beautifully crafted to convey simple wonder and joy. Phillip Littlemore's arrangement for concert band of their famous Music for a Found Harmonium perfectly captures the exuberance of this uplifting music. Item Code: EP68707 Duration: 2'30? Grade: 4

  • £96.00

    Only In Sleep - Phillip Littlemore

    A vision of childhood experienced through dreams, Ēriks Ešenvalds' Only in Sleep is a work of subtly powerful expressiveness. This brilliant version for concert band, has become every bit as popular as the choral original. Iten Code: EP68711 Duration: 5'00" Grade: 3.5

  • £96.00

    Perpetuum Mobile - Phillip Littlemore

    The Penguin Caf? Orchestra, founded by composer Simon Jeffes, knew better than anyone how to create an incredibly catchy hook. This brilliant arrangement for concert band by Phillip Littlemore of Perpetuum Mobile will have audiences tapping in 15/8 all the way home. Item Code: EP68708 Duration:5'00" Grade: 4.5

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    published by Faber MusicA Christmas Overture - Phillip Littlemore

    This vivacious and colourful Christmas Overture , originally commissioned as an orchestral work by John Rutter for his 2007 Christmas Festival, proved an instant success with audience and orchestra alike. Traditional carols, skilfully juxtaposed and interwoven, provide the thematic Dematerial. They are, in order of appearance, Ding Dong! Merrily On High ; Deck The Halls; Il Est N? Le Divin Enfant; Infant Holy, Infant Lowly; Personent Hodie; We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Angels, From The Realms Of Glory , which bring the overture to a majestic close. Fragments of other carols appear along the way to enrich the texture of what is surely one of the most attractive pieces written for the festive season. Item Code: 0-571-57044-5 Duration: c.8'00" Grade: 4

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    Ring Out, Wild Bells - Phillip Littlemore

    Jonathan Dove's rousing setting of Tennyson's poem, made famous in his choral cycle The Passing of the Year ?is here given a thrilling new life as a concert band showpiece. This exuberant arrangement is sure to provide concert bands with a show-stopper, a joyful and virtuoso celebration of life. Item Code: EP68709 Duration: 4'40" Grade: 4.5

  • £119.00

    Run To The Edge - Phillip Littlemore

    Jonathan Dove's thrilling and energetic showpiece was originally composed for the London Schools Symphony Orchestra (of which the composer was a member). This expert arrangement for concert band provided symphonic wind ensembles with a high-velocity joy ride. Item Code: EP68710 Duration: 4'30" Grade: 5.5