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    Celebrare Celeberrime: to celebrate to the full and with the greatest speed. This title appeals as a general philosophy of living one's life to the fullest. In the context of such a short work the intention is to lead, as quickly as possible, to a sense of joy and excitement without dwelling on the grandiose. The finale of this little, joyous work is intended to sound precipitous rather than declamatory, hopefully leading the audience on to anything that might follow. A soundclip of this piece can be found here Item Code: 0-571-56614-6 Duration: 4'40" Grade: 5

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    RPM - Matthew Hindson - Phillip Littlemore

    RPM stands for Revolutions per Minute. This piece seeks to capture the feeling of unrelenting speed, acceleration and momentum. The composer was influenced by heavy metal music, and describes the overall effect as similar to that of driving in a car at a very high speed. A soundclip of this piece can be found here Item Code: 0-571-56655-3 Duration: 4'00" Grade: 4.5

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    The Snowman - Howard Blake - Phillip Littlemore

    Raymond Briggs' charming Christmas story of the boy who builds a snowman that comes to life has become a children's classic. Its popularity has been further enhanced by frequent television broadcasts of the award winning animated film The Snowman . This transcription for wind band is of the complete concert suite, and therefore suitable for synchronsation with the animated film. The score includes the well known songs Dance of the Snowman , Walking in the Air and Music Box Dance . Item Codes: M050091820 (score),?M050091813 (parts) Score: ?35 Parts: ?129.95 Duration: c.26 minutes