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    A "Can Can" Christmas - Arr. Larry Clark

    All the moms and dads, tired from work and holiday shopping and all of the other 'joys of the season,' will still drag themselves to your concert this year. They will, of course, be polite at all costs, but when they hear this work (particularly when Jingle Bells 'happens'), the laughter may cover the music! Guaranteed miles of smiles. (duration 2:21)

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    Continental Divide - Stig Nordhagen

    The title is "Continental Divide" and it has nothing to do with tectonic plates, but is another word for "Watershed".It is the place where the the water flows in opposite directions. For example, when you drive up a mountain, the water flows downwards, the same does it when you drive down the other side. On top there is usually a water, and it is in this water, or musical idea if you like,that it is a continental divide. What I intend is that in this piece there are some musical motifs that change character and direction. They can be in the foreground and carry the play, or they may be in the background as a countermeasure. It can also be from horizontal lines to vertical.Or rhythmical patterns that dont find their match until far into the piece.

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  • £39.60

    Super Mom Symphony (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    Bringing together your youngest players and your "coolest" Moms will be a huge hit with both the students and your audiences. "SuperMom Symphony" uses themes from Haydn and Beethoven and incorporates everything but the kitchen sink (OK, you can use that too if you really want to!). From the first pots and pans ostinato to the sustained blender "solo," this piece will have everyone "in stitches" and generating plenty of laughter and good will. P.S. You can use Dads as soloists also, but only if they can cook! Highly recommended for your first-year players!

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  • £61.00

    Dancing on the Seashore Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    The bubbly rhythms in Jan Haderman's Dancing on the Seashore will wow and amaze musicians and audiences alike. The percussionist, as well as brass players, have ample opportunity to prove they can hold their own as they step into the spotlight. 0:02:56

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    Dancing on the Seashore - Jan Hadermann

    The bubbly rhythms in Jan Haderman's Dancing on the Seashore will wow and amaze musicians and audiences alike. The percussionist, as well as brass players, have ample opportunity to prove they can hold their own as they step into the spotlight.

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  • £48.00

    No Stop Rock - Carmine Pastore

    A Grade 1 rock anthem! It's a perfect way to keep your beginners motivated while you drill them on that new concept called "eighth notes." Lots of repetition of simple eighth note figures will help your young band players enter the fascinating world of the divided beat with ease.This solid minor key rock-type piece will also help to keep your audience attentive by letting them hear a bit of a style they are so accustomed to. The overwhelming rhythmic nature of the piece also makes it a possible choice for use with an elementary level massed band. When faced with more than 100 beginners at a time, one likes to do music that has a beat they can hang on to! Whether it's for a small one-school band or a giant massed group, this one is sure to work for you.

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  • £44.55

    Genesis (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    Genesis is a contest style piece that can be used as the culmination of study at the end of The Yamaha Advantage or at the end of any band method book 1. This popular performance piece from the back of book 1 has been requested by directors to be available separately so that they can perform the piece at contest. It is a real winner!

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    Syncopations Builders for Developing Bands - Timothy Johnson

    Composer Timothy Johnson spent many years as a school band director. His teaching experience qualifies him to approach the development of this new entry into the CMP Essentials of Musicianship Series with reality-based confidence. Ever so gradually this product takes the band from the simplest forms of syncopation to more and more complex notation. Your students can build their reading skills at a pace they can handle. The astute teacher will also notice that there is plenty of concept reinforcement as the group steps from easy to more challenging rhythms.A great teaching tool!

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    Thunderbolt Galop - Fred K. Huffer

    Need a fun and fast "chaser" to close your concert? The "Thunderbolt Galop" is the perfect choice! Limited technical and range demands make this the ideal selection rehearse at a standard march tempo, then see just how fast your band can go in performance! Excellent material for any contest or festival performance, it's also well-suited as an encore for any concert. Your performers will thrill with seeing just how fast they can go! Accelerated fun from start to finish!

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    Caroling - Timothy Johnson

    Fragments of eight different well-known Christmas carols go into this enjoyable arrangement. See if your audience can name them all. The carols are conveniently arranged so that they can be played at one consistent tempo throughout, which helps you make the most out of your young band's limited rehearsal time. A variety of articulations and dynamics help to make the piece a teaching tool as well as an enjoyable performance piece. Interesting Percussion colors, with easy substitution suggestions, also help to make the piece sound harder than it is. Effective!

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