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    Sleddin' Hill - David Shaffer

    Who doesn't remember the thrill of a sled ride on a snowy day down the longest and steepest hill? Time to get your warmest jacket on and tie your boots tight for a trip down Sleddin' Hill! The perilous journey begins by leading us into a playful melody in the trumpets. As the sled picks up speed we add woodwinds and clever percussion sound effects. The ever-increasing tempo reflects the momentum of the sled culminating in an exhilarating finish when the sled finally comes to an abrupt stop. Everyone will enjoy this trip down "Sleddin' Hill."

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    Red River Station - Bell

    "Red River Station" is a bright and upbeat work emulating the style popularized by the soundtrack of the great American west. After the Civil War, cattle drives from Texas to Kansas included a stop at Red River Station along the Chisholm Trail, just before leaving Texas. The syncopated rhythms and pentatonic melodies bring to the life the vibrant and beautiful landscape and experience of riding horseback through the southwest. The energetic and inventive orchestration and exciting nature of this work make it an excellent fit for any concert, and a great contest or festival selection.

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    Siberian Express - Todd Phillips

    Embark upon a musical adventure when you board the trans-Siberian railway in Moscow! Let your imagination roam as you travel through the Ural Mountains, the geographical line between European Russia and Asian Russia. Visualize the snow covered reaches of Siberia and the vast plains. Take a quick stop at Baikal, the worlds' largest and deepest freshwater lake for a swim that local legend says can add years to your life. Conclude your excursion in Vladivostok by the Sea of Japan. Let the music take your thoughts on the trip of a life-time! A perfect cross-curricular connection for your students studying the eastern hemisphere.

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    New London Pictures (Score & Parts) (Wind Band/Score & Parts) - Nigel Hess

    represents elements of London in the 21st Century. describes the pedestrian's journey across this wonderful new landmark bridge over the Thames, starting at the imposing Tate Modern, crossing the busy river, and onwards to St. Paul's Cathedral with its bells ringing out over the great city. is an incredibly large ferris wheel situated on the South Bank of the River Thames. This movement depicts a "flight" on this riverside wheel, at the top of which the anoramic view of London is breath-taking and the exapnse of the music is a suitable depiction of the view. As with all modern cities, London is over-crowded with motor vehicles. London is the first major city in Europe to adopt a , and this piece (with its stop and go traffic lights) is both racy and comical. Here are Londoners attempting to go about their business in the face of overwhelming odds.....

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