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    Academy Nights Remembered (The Music of Diane Warren) - [Diane Warren] / arr. Patrick Roszell

    From the opening music right through the end of the awards, this very musical medley has your audience right there! Featuring "How Do I Live," "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now," and "Because You Love Me," the medley concludes with all the grandeur from the awards broadcast. All composed by award winner Diane Warren, this medley is sure to bring the house down! (5:26)

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    The Best of Journey - Paul Murtha

    In the early '80s, the group Journey (featuring the distinctive vocal style of Steve Perry) was a vital part of the music scene. Now, thanks to continued airplay, video games, and the hit TV series Glee, they are back on top again. Featuring Don't Stop Believin', Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), Open Arms and Any Way You Want It, this medley is sure to be a hit with all audiences.

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    Don't Stop Believin' - Jonathan Cain - Paul Murtha

    From the original recording by Journey to the recent revival on the hit TV series Glee, here is one of the iconic songs of the '80s in a very playable and easy arrangement for band.

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    The Genius of Ray Charles - Michael Brown

    The amazing life story of Ray Charles is featured in the movie Ray starring Jamie Foxx. Ray's unique style and passion for music is forever etched in our country's cultural fabric. Michael Brown gives us a masterful blend of the unforgettable hits Georgia On My Mind, I Can't Stop Loving You, What'd I Say, Hallelujah I Love Her So and Let the Good Times Roll.

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    I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson - Miho Hazama

    This number topped the U.S. chart as the lead release single from Bad. Siedah Garrett, who sang the duet, was a protg of Quincy Jones with whom Michael tag-teamed for three solos on Off the Wall. (Garrett is also renowned as one of the writers of the song Man in the Mirror," the fourth single which carries a strong message.) Japanese fans still remember this song being performed as an encore during the Bad World Tour in 1987. The straightforward, sweet love song starts out quietly and gradually takes on heat, unfolding a wonderful musical sentiment. The performance of the arranged version also strikes the audience with an imposing world of sound comparable to that of a full orchestra.

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    Big Fun on the Bass Drum - William Vean

    Beating a drum is fun. Beating a big drum is even more fun. Being a soloist and beating a bass drum is best of all. In 'Big Fun on the Bass Drum' the dream of every starter percussionist is realized. He/she is soloist and is allowed to really beat the drum hard without the conductor putting a stop to it, but beware: a new skin is rather expensive. 'Big Fun on the Bass Drum' is not only about hitting as hard as you can, though. A lot of attention is paid to playing the bass drum very softly. And what is more, the composer has found room to offer the soloist a real cadenza - at this point in the composition he/she can either play the part prescribed or give the audience an improvisation of his/her own.

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  • £48.00

    No Stop Rock - Carmine Pastore

    A Grade 1 rock anthem! It's a perfect way to keep your beginners motivated while you drill them on that new concept called "eighth notes." Lots of repetition of simple eighth note figures will help your young band players enter the fascinating world of the divided beat with ease.This solid minor key rock-type piece will also help to keep your audience attentive by letting them hear a bit of a style they are so accustomed to. The overwhelming rhythmic nature of the piece also makes it a possible choice for use with an elementary level massed band. When faced with more than 100 beginners at a time, one likes to do music that has a beat they can hang on to! Whether it's for a small one-school band or a giant massed group, this one is sure to work for you.

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    The Addison Red Line - Jeremy Bell

    The Addision Red Line is a popular train stop for the CTA in Chicago. Nearby, Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs, hosts games that bring a myriad of people out to enjoy baseball at this historic location. The energy of people passing by, going to restaurants, or meeting with friends, all centered around the passion and fervor that baseball season brings, creates an exciting and unique atmosphere. "The Addison Red Line" is a fun and challenging, upbeat work that would make a great addition for any concert.

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    HAIRSPRAY (Selections from) (Young Band) - Ricketts, Ted

    Currently one of the hottest new musicals on Broadway, this up-beat and energetic show features rousing tunes in a 60's musical style. Includes: Good Morning Baltimore, The Nicest Kids in Town; Run and Tell That!; The Big Dollhouse; I Know Where I've Been; You Can't Stop the Beat.

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    You Really Got Me - Words and music by Ray Davies [The Kinks] / arr. Michael Story

    Here's a favorite from the past with a new twist. Every member of your ensemble can be given the opportunity to improvise for one measure. This tune is a great way to meet the National Standards and provide independent creative playing possibilities. You won't be able to stop your band from playing "You Really Got Me." (1:57)

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