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    Aroldo (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    Aroldo, number 22 of the 32 operas written by Verdi, is certainly not one of the best-known works from "the genius of Busseto." Written in 1857, it is in fact a remake of the 1848 opera Stiffelio, which told a story of adultery and which was censored for its "indecent" content. Verdi found the censorship of Stiffelio unacceptable, and with a performance in Verona approaching at the start of 1851, he wrote to his editor, Ricordi: "If my libretto is censored, it will not be possible to obtain the effect I desire, so I would rather wait until I can rewrite the last scene." But the modifications to Stiffelio did not stop there. The setting, the historical period and the finale were also completely changed. In the process of converting Stiffelio to Aroldo, Verdi no doubt succeeded in strengthening certain moments. However, the fame of the three operas he had written in the meantime - Rigoletto, Il Trovatore and La Traviata - did not allow Aroldo to receive the recognition it deserved. The opera's symphony is indeed a superb work and contains moments of outstanding lyricism. The trumpet solo in the introduction is the longest written by Verdi for this instrument. 08:49

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    Celtic Bell Carol

    Robert W. Smith's continues his very popular bell carol series with this holiday stop in beautiful Ireland. "Celtic Bell Carol" begins with the saxophone and flute evoking mysterious images of Celtic dancers as they prepare for their holiday celebration. The percussion section is featured throughout with infectious Irish rhythms added to the famous "Ukrainian Bell Carol". This exciting setting will be the centerpiece or finale of your next holiday concert. Highly recommended!

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    CONGESTION CHARGE (Concert Band) - Hess, Nigel

    As with all modern cities, London is over-crowded with motor vehicles. London is the first major city in Europe to adopt a 'Congestion Charge', and this piece (with its stop and go traffic lights) is both racy and comical. Here are Londoners attempting to go about their business in the face of overwhelming odds..... This piece is the final movement Nigel Hess' 'New London Pictures' which represents elements of London in the 21st Century.

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    Flamingo Rock (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Houben, Kevin

    Tonight the sea will be awash with pink! Flamingos from everywhere are flying in for a rockin' party. Their long legs prance around to the beat, circling each other, as their beaks chatter all night long. Who else wants to go to the Flamingo Rock? Kevin Houben's new composition is full of little rhythmic and harmonic challenges perfect for bands both young and old. But beware, once you start playing the tune, you just might not be able to stop! 01:20

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    GLEE (Music from) (Young Band) - Ricketts, Ted

    There seems to be no stopping the popularity of the hit TV series Glee! With fresh versions of some of the biggest hits from past decades, here is a terrific medley of showstoppers featured on the first season. Includes: Don't Stop Believin', Alone, You Keep Me Hangin' On and Sweet Caroline.

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    MOTOWN FOREVER (Discovery Plus Concert Band) - Vinson, Johnnie

    Motown Records is responsible for some of the most remembered and cherished songs in all of popular music. Here is a medley of hits from some of Motown's biggest names including "Stop! In The Name Of Love" (Diana Ross and the Supremes), "I'll Be There" (The Jackson 5), and "Shop Around" (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles). This one will be popular with audiences of all ages.

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    NEW LONDON PICTURES (Concert Band) - Hess, Nigel

    The latest work from the pen of Nigel Hess. New London Pictures represents elements of London in the 21st Century. The Millennium Bridge describes the pedestrian's journey across this wonderful new landmark bridge over the Thames, starting at the imposing Tate Modern, crossing the busy river, and onwards to St. Paul's Cathedral with its bells ringing out over the great city. London Eye is an incredibly large ferris wheel situated on the South Bank of the River Thames. This movement depicts a "flight" on this riverside wheel, at the top of which the anoramic view of London is breath-taking and the exapnse of the music is a suitable depiction of the view. As with all modern cities, London is over-crowded with motor vehicles. London is the first major city in Europe to adopt a Congestion Charge, and this piece (with its stop and go traffic lights) is both racy and comical. Here are Londoners attempting to go about their business in the face of overwhelming odds.....

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    PICO RIVERA (Concert Band) - O'Reilly, John

    Solo claves usher in the authentic Latin percussion section that sets the style for "Pico Rivera." A simple but effective bass line joins the percussion section in establishing an interesting accompaniment for the syncopated melody that follows. Rich harmonies that utilize a variety of seventh chords dominate the second theme and the "stop time" percussion fills that open the coda. A brief modulation brings us to a restatement of the opening melody with a new countermelody in the trumpets and horns.

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    Race Car - Watson, Scott

    The skill and thrill of auto racing is captured musically in this piece via its infectious groove and exciting syncopations. Written in one continuous movement, its sections will help you imagine sitting behind the wheel of a powerful and agile racing machine over the course of a breathtaking speed contest. Students performing this piece will enjoy discovering that the palindromic nature of the piece, including the title, "Race Car" (which reads the same forwards and backwards), a pervasive syncopated ostinato rhythm, A-B-A form, and a fugato section at the center of the work (Pit Stop), in which virtually each instrumental part is a palindrome! (3:25)

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    SHORT CUTS FOR BEGINNING BAND No.2 (Beginning Concert Band) - Story, Michael

    Everyone loves to perform a recognizable tune! Here are four hot tunes that are carefully scored for your students, but with identifiable teaching concepts at the forefront. Use these wonderful melodies to reinforce eighth note performance in the low winds, two-hand percussion performance, a variety of articulations, legato performance, phrasing, and the execution of ritardando. Also includes a variety of dynamic and tempo considerations. The tunes can be performed in one concert or throughout the school year to apply these musical concepts in a timely manner. Includes: Don't Stop Believin'; Sing, Sing, Sing; You Raise Me Up; Bang the Drum All Day. Engaging and educational. Duration: 6:00

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