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  • £90.00

    S.P.Q.R. (Concert Band) - Woolfenden, Guy

    .....full of imagery and colour. Great fun to play and enjoyable to listen to, with a gathered energy apparent throughout. Woolfenden creates textures and soundscapes that are identifiable to the layman and approachable for the serious musician.' - Winds Magasine

  • £55.00

    Broadway One Step - King, Karl L. - Paynter, John P.

    Your band will have a ball presenting this vintage ragtime/dixieland style march in concert. It has a bright flavor and uniqueness that definitely puts it into the top circle of Karl King "hits".

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  • £50.00

    E Pluribus Unum - Jewel, Fred - Paynter, John P.

    "E Pluribus Unum'' is the motto of the United States Marines and means "One Out of Many.'' It is also the title of one of Mr. Jewell's finest and most popular marches that was written during the somber days of World War I to strike a note for patriotism. Paynter's arrangement captures all the excitement and effectiveness of the original!

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  • £70.00

    Harmony Heaven - Barnhouse, C. L. - Paynter, John P.

    Completely rearranged by John Paynter and a added dimension and vitality to this sparkling march that was one of C.L. Barnhouse's most popular compositions.

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  • £68.00

    Hosts of Freedom - King, Karl L. - Paynter, John P.

    One of the biggest selling marches of all time is now available in a concert band size edition. Expertly edited by John Paynter, it's King at his very best. "Host of Freedom" is a great way to teach your young students the march style. Gr. 3

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  • £48.00

    Sax Serenade - Schwartz, Ira P.

    Here is a thoroughly delightful original for band featuring a sax quartet (two altos, tenor and baritone). Modern harmonies and a beautiful melodic line make it a real "crowd pleaser.'', and an excellent addition to any concert band library.

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  • £90.00

    The Battle of Shiloh - Barnhouse, C. L. - Paynter, John P.

    A tribute to C.L. Barnhouse senior. The long-awaited revival of one of the truly great early publications in the Barnhouse catalog. A real gem!

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  • £60.00

    The Messenger - Barnhouse, C. L. - Paynter, John P.

    A brand new, edited version of a truly magnificent march, originally written and published in 1892 by the founder of the publishing company that bears his name. VERY NICE!

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  • £65.00

    The Trombone King - King, Karl L. - Paynter, John P.

    The word is out! Audiences love marches and bands are playing them again. This is one of King's favorites, made even better with John Paynter's edition. "The Trombone King" is a real crowd uplifter in every respect!

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  • £68.50

    Three Chorale Preludes - By William P. Latham

    Three Chorale Preludes epitomizes the perfect teaching piece and performance work. Although based on familiar chorale melodies, the work is an original. Each prelude reflects contrasting tempi and textures, and although each one stands alone, the overall emotional effect is heightened with a continuous performance of all three. Every player of a band instrument should experience this work. (8:14) This title is available in SmartMusic and Music Prodigy. This title is available in SmartMusic.

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