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    Jello, The Colours Of My Soul - Ben Haemhouts

    Jello...The Colours of my Soul is an assignment that was written to be a lasting memory of the untimely, dramatic death of a young child. The work came about due to various conversations between the father and the composer whereby the final resultmust be seen as an attempt by the composer to musically translate the feelings of the parents.The first part of the title, "Jello", is a combination of the names of the two children of the commissioner, namely Jelle and Lobcke, and "the Colours of mySoul" are the colours of the soul of the parents who despite the loss of one of their children, continue to cherish their two children. The introduction provides the atmosphere of grieving for the loss, whereby use is made of pure fifths in order toportray the solidarity with nature, as we are familiar with in symphonies by Bruckner. A little later a bit of the first theme is suggested, which develops into a real funeral march.The Dies Irae, as this occurs in Berlioz's Fantastic Symphony (F, E,F, D, E, C, D), forms a leitmotiv through the entire work in order to symbolise the constant battle between life and death.Shortly before the storm-passage, (where a wind machine is used) which announces disaster, fragments from children's songs areplayed to the accompaniment of a rising choir piece from behind the stage, which strengthens the imminent confrontation with death.After the introduction of the two themes in the long introduction, a quick passage follows in which all kinds ofbeautiful memories are recalled. There is story telling, laughing, and dancing. One of the previous children's songs is also cited. The Dies Irea is heard once again, this time short and fast.Bit by bit happy elements are steadily distorted untilseriousness breaks through again, like an unavoidable and unstoppable evil. The entire piece becomes evermore stirring, as if a big climax will follow. At this moment a very long fermata makes a sudden end to the hysterical allegro. The crucialmoment in the work follows...How does one deal with something as tragic as the death of one's own child? Does one mourn for what no longer is and what never will be? Or does one try to cherish the beautiful moments and continue to live with thesecolourful memories?A subdued, dignified choir piece captures the beautiful memories and ends in a positive, hopeful tone.

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    Whispering Wind - Maxime Aulio

    "Don't listen to anyone's advice, but listen to the lessons of the wind passing and telling the history of the world." Claude Debussy Since the dawn of time, the wind has played an important role in all civilisations. Worshipped as a deity, "mastermind" of poetry, driving force, or heaven's messenger, the wind took on the most varied shapes according to the era and people. In Claude Debussy's time, music listened to the voice of nature, and imagination found its primary rights again. This importance of wind was the inspiration for Maxime Aulio's work Whispering Wind with its suspended atmospheres, vaporous lines and luminous colours. The wind caresses the canvas. A fascinatingnew work for concert band.

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    DISNEY AT THE MOVIES (Young Band) - Higgins, John

    Includes: The Bare Necessities; Be Our Guest; Beauty and the Beast; Can You Feel the Love Tonight; Circle of Life; colours of the Wind; A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes; Friend Like Me; Never Smile at a Crocodile; Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; This Land; Under the Sea; A Whole New World; Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

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    Luces y Sombras Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    This symphonic poem reflects over two centuries in the history of the people from the Valencian region of Spain.The piece takes us from the highs and lows (lights and shadows) of economic development in 18th Century Spain to the first half of the 20th century, with its civil war and dictatorship.The rebirth of the society, with the coming of democracy, forms the closing of the work. This highly descriptive piece paints a series of vivid musical colours through skilful use of melody, rhythm and orchestration. A truly delightful major new concert work. 19:00

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    Himalayan Dances Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    The special landscape in the Valley of Flowers national park in the Himalayas is distinguished by its brilliant colours and the variety of its flora and fauna. Marc Cunningham was deeply influenced by the temple dances of this region. The theme behind these dances, which were originally religious performances and for which the dancers dress in colourful garb, is the tension between good and evil. In Himalayan Dances - Valley of Flowers, various aspects of this ancient dance form are brought into the spotlight. 03:10

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    Les Marteaux de la Marine Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Les Marteaux de La Marine was composed in 1999 as a commission by the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The composition contains three static elements which interchange. Static in this case means that development of the material is not pursued (by the composer). The first element with which the piece begins is tranquil and colourful. The second element is sharp and incisive, while the third expresses energy. In all elements a repeated tone is the starting point which explains the hammers in the works title.The instrumentation is richly variegated with a harp also determining the palette of colours in the slower movements. The composition opens with an atmospheric Larghetto containing fine harmonies in the soft and subtly moving wood-winds. The introduction breathes an impressionistic atmosphere in which expressive cantilenas and soloistic agile motifs stand out. A strong setting is followed by an Allegro virtuoso containing fast motifs contrasted with short and rhythmic stars of the various instrumental sections. Trumpets and horns add a virtuoso bugle-call motif. After a short stringendosection, the transparent Larghetto returns with a varied setting of the opening elements. The beautiful leading roles in this section are reserved for cornet (trumpet) and horn. Subsequently, the flashing Vivo starts with continuous movements in triplets from both wood-winds and brass. Next, the opening Allegro re-appears once again and thus Les Marteaux de la Marine ends with a fast and virtuoso climax. Les Marteaux de La Marine was selected as a compulsory grade 6 contest piece for symphonic bands in the Netherlands. 17:45

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    Spirit of Andalusia - Philip Sparke

    Spirit of Andalusia was commissioned by The Glasgow Wind Band. The brief was to create a fascinating 5-minute opener, however, during the compositional process, the piece started to take the form of a Spanish influenced composition. Thecomposer decided to stick to this involuntary development and started producing a tribute to Spanish music, in particular, Flamenco - which originates from the region of Andalusia. He uses exciting rhythms and colours from the musical culture.

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    Festive Rock Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    The contemporary Lithuanian composer Kazys Daug?-la created Festive Rock in celebration of the 2003 Lithuanian national holiday. The premier took place at a concert with not one, but two concert bands being eluminated by the many colours of a concert closing firework display. This unforgettable event led to the piece's popularity among concert bands. Now it can also become a part of your repertoire with or without fireworks! 0:03:00

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    L'Italiana in Algeri Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Gioacchino Rossini was a musical prodigy, composing his first operawhen he was eighteen years old. At the age of 37, after having written39 operas in all, he almost completely stopped composing anddevoted himself to the culinary art and the mysteries of wine! In hisopera L'Italiana in Algeri, Rossini shows the difference in mentalitybetween two countries on both sides of the Mediterranean, Turkeyand Italy. The exotic themes and oriental sound colours of thisopera have ensured that it is still loved today by a wide audience.This transcription for concert band retains the exotic and orientalfeel of the original opera. 0:08:30

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    Blue and Orange (Flute Solo with Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Wiffin, Rob

    A song and dance for flute with wind band accompaniment. Blue is a gentle, tuneful solo. The accompaniment is very much in a chamber-music style and there are very few places where the whole ensemble plays at the same time. There is nothing overt or dramatic in the music and subtlety and rubato are very much the required manner. It is not a desperately sad piece but is just tinged with a little melancholy. Orange on the other hand is a fiery, driving dance which gives the soloist a chance to display technical prowess. During the outer sections Latin percussion carries the music along but the inner sections are more dissonant and are built on inner rhythm. The two pieces are as contrasting as possible, just like the colours of the title.Duration: 3.15 & 4.15

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