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  • £111.00

    Danse Diabolique - J. Hellmesberger Jr. - Bert Van Thienen

    Danse Diabolique - Joseph Hellmesberger Jr. (arr. Bert Van Thienen) - 5'55'' - BVT008 Lovely classic work from the Viennese repertoire written by Joseph Hellmesberger Jr. (1855-1907). Known from the New Year's concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic.

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  • £84.00

    Dogs of War - Christopher Lennertz - Bert Van Thienen

    Dogs of War (from Medal of Honor: European Assault) - Christopher Lennertz - arr. Bert Van Thienen - 02'40'' - BVT144 The game's story was written by John Milius, the writer of Apocalypse Now. In the game, the player takes on the role of Lieutenant William Holt, an OSS operator. The missions take place in France, North Africa, the Soviet Union and Belgium. Moving and emotional work with spotlight on your trumpet player. One of the best game soundtracks out there.

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  • £106.00

    El Cid - Timothy Claeyé

    El Cid - Timothy Claey? - 7' - BVT051 El Cid tells in four parts (The rise of a legend - Fighting the Moors - Jimena - El Cid Campeador) the story of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, a Spanish knight of the 11th century who was known by his nickname El Cid Campeador ('Lord Champion'). This warrior earned a lot of respect at both Christian and Moorish side, and became a Spanish national hero who symbolizes chivalry en virtue.

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  • £67.00

    Fanfare For Christmas - Mike Kilmartin - Bert Van Thienen

    Fanfare For Christmas - Mike Kilmartin - 0'40'' - BVT024 Great opener for your Christmas concert. Written for the Leicester Cathedral Christmas Day Broadcast.

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  • £89.00

    Fanfare for Good Times - Fredrick Schjelderup

    Fanfare for Good Times - Fredrick Schjelderup - 03'20'' - BVT142 Fanfare for Good Times was written as a commission for Hetlevik Musikklag and conductor Andreas Heier R?e for their participation in the Siddis Brass 2017 in Stavanger. The piece includes a fanfare theme and hymne tune.The piece works well as a concert opener or finale.

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  • £94.00

    Fanfare for the Union - Pierre-Antoine Savoyat

    Fanfare for the Union - Pierre-Antoine Savoyat - 04'20'' - BVT137 This young French composer (?1993) wrote this sparkling brass band overture commissioned by Brass Band Buizingen & Luc Vertommen in 2017.The name of the piece is a reference of the origins of the band “Union-Buizingen”. This piece gives some nice solos who contrast with bright tutti (in pure style of Brass Band overture).

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  • £92.00

    Faravista - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Faravista - Stijn Aertgeerts - 3'30'' - BVT039 New opening number written by Stijn Aertgeerts for KF De Werkmanszonen from Riemst as part of their WMC 2013 program!

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  • £97.00

    Ferruginous Sandstone - Danny Van Uffel

    Ferruginous Sandstone - Danny Van Uffel - 6'35'' - BVT040 Ferruginous Sandstone is based on a folk song from the town of Poederlee: "The Puielse mol". The title refers to the ferruginous sandstone which the Hedge Chapel Poederlee was built.

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  • £102.00

    Finale from the Cello Concerto No.1 in C - Joseph Haydn - Bert Van Thienen

    Finale from the Cello Concerto No.1 in C - Joseph Haydn (arr. Bert Van Thienen) - 6'30'' - BVT006 CELLO SOLO Finale from the famous Cello Concerto by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) for cello and wind band. Requires a soloist of very high level.

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  • £88.00

    Forsela - Filip Ceunen

    Forsela - Filip Ceunen - 04'00'' - BVT099 Forsela was commissioned by the Royal Fanfare band ‘Vermaak na Arbeid’ from Rijkevorsel. The title of this work refers to the name givin in 1194 to (Rijke)Vorsel, which means 'forest of prickly gorse'. The first part of the concert march is based on an old folk song from Rijkevorsel , " the Kadril of Achtel . The second part of the work is the musical expression of the addition of 'Rijk', which means rich to 'Vorsel'.

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