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    Adagio - Tomaso Albinoni - Jacob de Haan

    The Adagio is based on a manuscript that was discovered in the Dresden State Library after the Second World War by Remo Giazotto, a Milanese musicologist who was working on Albinoni's biography at the time. Only the bass line and six bars of melody were found and they probably belonged to the slow movement of a Trio Sonata. In 1945 Giazotti reconstructed the now famous Adagio which has made Albinoni known to a worldwide audience.

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    Adagio for Winds - Jan Van der Roost

    Adagio for Winds is similar in atmosphere to the well-known Canterbury Chorale (also by Jan Van der Roost), in that it has no exaggerated melodrama, but rather a melodically wide and expressive approach. The work is full of beautiful lyrical melodies and the warm harmony and the full orchestration give the audience and the band the chance to give their thoughts free reign in a contemplative atmosphere. Adagio is a wonderfully uplifting work suitable for concerts on all occasions and is certainly not one to be missed.

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