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    The music of Sailing is characterized by an atmosphere that is vibrant and full of energy. The piece depicts a ship's journey on the ocean, the colors of which can readily change from a rich, welcoming blue to a dark, menacing gray. Sometimes the ship is sprayed by the waves; sometimes the ship floats blithely along a sea of tranquility. Articulations play a prominent role in this piece, with a combination of staccatos and slurs expressing sensations of happiness and joy in the ocean journey. It's the next best thing to experiencing the ocean firsthand!

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    When The Boys Come Sailing Home - John Philip Sousa - Keith Brion

    At the end of WW I Sousa seized on a happy moment of victory to compose a joyous song of celebration welcoming home the returning troops. His stirring "march song" is now available in a new edition for concert band. It can be also used with band and optional voice(s). Vocal text by Sousa's daughter Helen is included.

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    Lullaby for Nelle - Jelle Van Giel

    Lullaby for Nelle - Jelle Van Giel - 5'50'' - BVT150 Euphonium & band Originally Lullaby for Nelle was a jazz ballad written for the occasion of the birth of Nelle, Jelle Van Giel‘s daughter. This song describes the wonderful and emotional feelings that parents have welcoming their child to this world. It is a soft, dreamy and utterly breathtaking piece of music. Jelle arranged it for band and soloist.

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    To Those Who Serve - By Jack Bullock

    "To Those Who Serve" is in the style of a very contemporary concert march. The main theme is introduced by horns and alto saxophones and proceeds with varied instrumental colors, through the related minor key and then back to the original theme with a bold flourish at the finish. This Jack Bullock original has dynamic rhythmical and melodic impact. The overall effect of this composition is punctuated with the crisp and clean style. A solid choice with a welcoming familiar sound. This title is available in SmartMusic.

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    Duel of the Fates - By John Williams / arr. Michael Story

    The long awaited event has occured for the millions of STAR WARS fans throughout the world. Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace arrived to welcoming audiences who waited years for its release. Duel of the Fates is the first soundtrack recording release and is destined to become one of the major works from this exciting John Williams sound score. (2:17)

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