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  • £77.00

    Take the A-Train Wind Band Set (Score & Parts) - Billy Strayhorn, Billy

    The 'New Sounds for Concert Band' series has guaranteed success in your concert programme for many years. The latest addition to the series is a classic from the jazz orchestra repertoire. Follow the great jazz master Duke Ellington and delight your band and audience with Take The A-Train. 0:04:40

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  • £4.00

    Saxes Take the Lead - Andrew Balent

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  • £65.50

    The Winged Stallion - By Rossano Galante

    This Heroic composition captures the majestic beauty and strength of the mystical winged stallion, "Pegasus." Melodic brass melodies and soaring woodwind lines will take the listener on this unforgettable musical adventure. (4:00) This title is available in SmartMusic.

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  • £49.95

    IRISH BAKER, The (Angelina the Baker) (MusicWorks Concert Band) - Longfield, Robert

    Two "fiddle" traditions are combined in this lively setting for concert band. The American bluegrass favourite Angelina the Baker is creatively combined with the style of a Celtic dance tune! After a flowing and lyric opening statement, the drones and rhythms of an Irish jig take the band and the audience on an exuberant romp. Dur: 2:30

  • £54.00

    March of the Irish Dragoons (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Balent, Andrew

    Exploring a variety of treatments of the folk song The Minstrel Boy, this concert march opens with the clarinets playing the main theme. After a brief interlude and key change, the trumpets take the melody accompanied by a beautiful woodwind counterline which is followed by a strong final strain with the full band.

  • £65.00

    Parade of the Clockwork Soldiers (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    This piece was inspired by the composer watching his young son, Benny, playing 'soldiers' with his collection of teddy bears - how appropriate!But it made him think of the many character pieces which take the form of a 'toy march', the most notable examples being by Haydn, Tchaikovsky and Leon Jessel. Parade of the Clockwork Soldiers is in the form of a 'patrol' (starting and ending quietly with a louder middle) and aims to represent a band marching past the listener. In fact, where the hall layout permits it, it could be possible to add a little choreography to the piece, starting and ending with only a few instruments on stage. 04:30

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  • £77.22

    Quest To The Summit

    Energetic and uplifting, this compelling work will captivate your audience on the edge of their seats! "Quest to the Summit" is an overture for wind band that is inspired by the composer's friend's arduous journey to the peak of Indonesian volcano, Mount Semeru. Ample cross-cueing of parts have been carefully considered to allow your band to exploit the music to its fullest. Known for his distinctive lyrical writing, Benjamin Yeo's slow and heart-warming middle section offers excellent opportunities for your flute soloist and the band to showcase their best in tone, balance and phrasing. This masterfully crafted work is unbelievable at this grade level and will definitely take the spotlight in your next band concert, contest or festival performances. Very outstanding!

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  • £31.95

    STAR SPANGLED BANNER, The (Discovery Concert Band) - Murtha, Paul

    Here is an arrangement of the American national anthem specifically designed for beginning players. The clarinets take the melody in the beginning, joined later by the entire band. Effective yet easy to learn.