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    Russian Christmas Music - By Alfred Reed

    The theme carefully explored by Alfred Reed in this repertoire standard is ""Carol of the Little Russian Children" which is an ancient Russian Christmas carol. You can hear four distinct sections originally called "Children's Carol," "Antiphonal Chant," "Village Song" and "Cathedral Chorus" all joined in this continuous contemporary setting. The almost overwhelming sound picture with varied tone colors and brilliant brass choir sounds is a classic in every sense. "Russian Christmas Music" by Alfred Reed is a worthy addition to the Belwin Classic Band series. This recording compliments of the United States Air Force Band, Col. Lowell Graham, conductor.

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    Russian Christmas Music - By Alfred Reed / arr. Michael Story

    A masterwork for concert band and orchestra since 1944, Michael Story has captured the intrigue of Alfred Reed's Russian Christmas Music in this scoring for young band. Using an ancient Russian carol as the basis for his original classic work, Reed's cherished work is now approachable for your young band. A dynamic addition to the literature!

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  • £86.00

    Choral Music - Alfred Willering

    The colors of the orchestra, including percussion, come in a special way to ring in the epic Choral Music. That the tuba-playing composer also a gifted organist is, you can imagine very well after listening to this wonderfull Choral Music.

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  • £65.50

    Rolling Stones: The Music Tour - By Mick Jagger and Keith Richards / arr. Victor López

    All the favorites are included in this jam-packed medley. "Rolling Stones: The Music Tour" contains "Honky Tonk Woman," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Ruby Tuesday" and "Brown Sugar." Mick Jagger and Keith Richards created these rock-and-roll classics; Victor Lpez has scored them for your concert band's pop program. The moms and pops will love reminiscing with this diverse hot rock medley.

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  • £77.95

    Water Music Suite - By George Frideric Handel / arr. Frank Erickson

    Consisting of three separate suites, Water Music is undoubtedly the most famous and popular of all of Handel's instrumental works. This suite for band consists of six of the more popular movements. The style of the period is carefully reproduced with attention to careful musical notation.

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  • £51.95

    Music for the Royal Fireworks - By George Frideric Handel / arr. Jerry Brubaker

    The arrangement contains the two most familiar themes in the style of Handel's masterpiece while scored for today's contemporary concert band. A staple in the literature, "Music for the Royal Fireworks" will enhance every program. (4:32)

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    A Quiet Music - By Douglas E. Wagner

    This flowing work commences with dignity and charm. The teaching possibilities, such as legato, control, and dynamic shadings, are limitless. As rewarding to play as it is to hear, "A Quiet Music" will present programming opportunities year after year. Enjoy the seamless flow of the pensive melody and harmony in the fabric of this cherished work! (4:11) This title is available in SmartMusic.

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    A (Very) Short History of Music - Various / arr. Douglas E. Wagner

    And they said it couldn't be done---a genuine setting that will demonstrate the unique roots of Western music in two-and-a-half minutes. This straightforward, compelling work chronicles the entire transformation throughout history. Certain to capture your students' imagination.

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