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    Tribal War Chant - By Michael Story

    "Tribal War Chant" is based on authentic Native American war dances. These culturally symbolic dances consisted of human voices accompanied by drums, bells, and rattles. The thematic material is meaningfully staged over driving traditional rhythms with intense stylistic variations. Before a war, men danced to attain spirit and power; after a war, they danced to celebrate a victory. This exciting composition is a must on your next program.

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    The Eve of the War - Jeff Wayne - Ed Keeley

    When Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation H.G.Wells' novel The War of the Worlds was originally released, no one would have believed that it would become so popular. The Eve of the War, the stunning opening scene of Wayne's show, became a huge international hit single in its own right. This new arrangement by the highly respected British composer/arranger Ed Keeley retains all the drama and tension of the original atmospheric opening. A joy to perform and a pleasure to listen to.

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