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    Swing, Santa, Swing - Traditional / arr. Michael Story

    Swing, Santa, Swing combines two traditional holiday songs -- Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and We Wish You a Merry Christmas -- in a familiar swing setting.

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    Benny Goodman: The King of Swing - Paul Murtha

    The music of Benny Goodman was the driving force in launching the swing era in the mid 1930s. With the familiar hits Let's Dance; Stompin' at the Savoy; Moonglow and Sing, Sing, Sing, this energetic and well-scored medley pays a fitting tribute to the King of Swing.

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  • £73.00

    Pilgrims' Swing - Graham Lloyd

    The Andante from the first movement of Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony (often nicknamed Pilgrims' March) contains the most beautifully haunting melody supported by the simplest of bass lines and counterpoint figures. As a young musician, Graham Lloyd was so fascinated by this music he bought the orchestral score to study the notes, which at the time made little sense to him. However, he did notice that the bass line was similar to a "walking bass" line in a standard swing tune.In this composition Graham Lloyd uses Mendelssohn's original bass line, melodic line and counterpoint figures but gives them a swing feel. Who knows, maybe if Mendelssohn had been born a hundred years later, he could have become one of our big band leaders!

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    Jumpin' at the Swing Train - Stephen Bulla

    Authentic Big Band swing style music for the concert band! You know this one will be a crowd pleaser, and SO much fun to play! Stephen Bulla works his magic with the great Jazz sounds of the 40s and 50s in such a way that your band will be able to put it together and make it happen. Lots of great jazz style articulation and harmonic considerations ensure that your students are doing more than just playing the piece. They are learning Big Band Jazz style interpretation in the bargain, and loving it as they do. This is a great opportunity to study the historical American roots of Jazz!Swing it!

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    Step Out and Swing - Gilbert Tinner

    This piece is a great addition to the march repertoireas it combines march music with swing. Effectiveyet easy-to-play swing rhythms in 6/8 time, as wellas catchy themes with blues elements give thepiece dynamism and drive. Your band and youraudience will love it!

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