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    Thirty To Tango (Wind Band/Score & Parts) - David Matthews

    This tango was originally composed in 1990 as the fourth movement of the composer's Fourth Symphony. It was intended there as a modern equivalent of the classical minuet. The tango is the most alluring of contemporary dances, and a number of arrangements of it exist, including ones for solo piano and for various chamber ensembles. This latest version for thirty (or more) players was arranged in 1999 by the composer especially for the Faber Wind Band Series.

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    To The Stars! (Wind Band/Score & Parts) - Nigel Hess

    'To the Stars!' is the fruit of a unique collaboration between Nigel Hess and the children of several Bedfordshire schools who were asked to contribute ideas for a libretto based on the themes of space travel and exploration. The work was then performed during a concert at the Royal Albert Hall showcasing the work of Bedfordshire County Music Services. The unusual combination of children??s choir and symphonic wind band is wonderfully exciting, and To the Stars! provides an incomparable performing experience for both band and choir, and is also technically demanding and challenging. After a rousing introduction, we hear a countdown to our rocket??s ??blast off??, and suddenly we are heading out to the planets where we meet aliens with blue eyes and pink ears! After a brief but terrifying skirmish with a black hole we head off to a ??world of many wonders??, and as we leave our solar system behind, the piece finishes with a spectacular shout of ??Fly with us - to the stars!??.

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    Vranjanka (Wind Band/Score & Parts) - Kenneth Hesketh

    (pronounced VRAHN-yahn-kah) means "From Vranje," a town in southern Serbia. It is loosely based on the traditional folksong . The melody is extant in two versions, one in 7/8 and one in 3/4.The musical form of the piece starts with a fairly slow introductory section, a faster second section cast in a set of variations on the folksong.

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    Whirlegigg (Wind Band/Score & Parts) - Kenneth Hesketh

    Whirlegigg is the middle English word for a contraption that continuously spins. A great fascination with many inventors of the medieval period was to develop a perpetual motion machine constantly turning and giving off energy. This idea is particularly apt for this piece. A simple ternary structure gives ample opportunity for both boisterous and reflective material with gyrating accompanimental figures never far away. The machine almost stops near the end, but finally musters one last burst of excitement and energy to bring the work to its close.

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