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    SMASH THE WINDOWS (BandQuest) - Rodriguez, Robert Xavier

    Smash the Windows is a vigorous piece full of energy and motion. The work is based on a traditional Irish jig with the same name. Robert Xavier Rodrguez calls the piece a "toccata moto perpetuo," the music gradually builds from its quiet beginning to a brilliant flourish that, with sound effects, truly befits the title.

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    WINDOWS OF THE WORLD (Concert Band) - Graham, Peter

    Graham takes us first to Latin America, then to Japan, and onwards to sub- Saharan Africa. We get a gentle reprieve via a nostalgic hint of the British Isles before we land in the melting pot of all styles, the USA. In this final movement the driving swing section is abruptly stopped and a drum cadenza leads us back into the opening Latin music, with hints of the other styles as well. Described by Professor Ron Holz as "a global musical village", stylistic diversity is celebrated, and young musicians have fun while learning to master and embrace the performance practice requirements of each. The six movements 1) Amazonia 2) Rainforest 3) The Rising Sun 4) Drums of Thunder 5) Celtic Dream and 6) Earth Walk can be programmed individually.

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    Windows Of The World - Peter Graham

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    DAY OF THE DRAGON - Peter Graham

    Additional Score: 29.95 The latest in a series of "world music" features by Peter Graham (including Cry of the Celts, Windows of the World and Call of the Cossacks), the concert band version of Day of the Dragonwas commissioned by the Welsh Amateur Music Federation for the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales with additional funds from the Arts Council of Wales and PRS Foundation. The first performance was given by the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales, conductor Frank Renton, in the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, on April 7 2005.The five movements are based on traditional Welsh Folk Songs and feature solos for flute, trombone (or bassoon), horn, flugel, euphonium : 1) Overture (Ar lan y mor, Hunting the Hare) 2) Lullaby (Suo Gan) 3) Welsh Clog Dance 4) Ballad (By Kell's Waters) 5) Triumph (Men of Harlech)

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    CALL OF THE COSSACKS (Concert Band) - Graham, Peter

    Call of the Cossacks is part of the series of 'travelogue' features by Peter Graham, following in the footsteps of Cry of the Celts and Windows of the World. The Cossacks were a nomadic people whose ethnic makeup included Ukrainians, Tartars, Poles and Jews. A similarly wide range of Eastern European folk music features in this work, from Gypsy to Klezmer. Movement 1, Procession of the Tartars is cast in the old-style band 'patrol' and adapts a Klezmer folk song Fun Tashlach. The second movement, Doyle's Lament, is an original melody featuring solo alto saxophone while the final movement, Cossack Wedding Dance, is deep in Fiddler on the Roof territory - a pot pourri of Klezmer, Gypsy and Cossack styles. Each movement can be programmed separately.

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