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    The Isle of Calypso (from The Odyssey (Symphony No. 2)) - By Robert W. Smith

    The third movement of Robert W. Smith's second symphony The Odyssey, is serene in nature. Special effects depict the passing of time and add a mood of intrigue. Quiet and reflective, this is a sure winner on any program. Program it alone or with the other movements of The Odyssey, The Iliad (BDM00052) and The Winds of Poseidon (BD9923). (4:27)

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  • £7.95

    The Iliad (from The Odyssey (Symphony No. 2)) - By Robert W. Smith

    Calls to war are the prelude to this first movement of Robert W. Smith's Second Symphony for band, based on the classic story of 'The Odyssey'. You'll experience the squeaky wheels of the Trojan horse, the forest burning, and the sword fight amidst the distinguished regal melodies and energetic rhythms that drive to a conclusion. The ocean's presence is evident in the optional transition to the second movement, "The Winds of Poseidon" (BD9923). Much awaited, this work is monumental in nature. (7:44)

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  • £13.50

    Ithaca (from The Odyssey (Symphony No. 2)) - By Robert W. Smith

    The dynamic conclusion to Robert W. Smith's long awaited second symphony, The Odyssey, will bring the house down without fail. You'll hear the arrows pass right by your head, the sword fight ensue, and an overall tremendous work for concert band. Monumental! Program it alone or, for a awe-inspiring concert, program it with the other three movements, "The Iliad" (BDM00052), "The Winds of Poseidon" (BD9923), and "The Isle of Calypso" (BDM01042). (5:50)

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