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    Soul Divine - Peter Meechan

    From the Gelinas family:"David Gelinas was a grade 10 student at Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. On May 2, 1992, he was tragically killed in a car accident. David was an accomplishedtenor saxophone playerand member of the LeBoldus Concert Band, multiple Jazz Bands and the Regina Lions Junior Band. He dreamt of a future in music at McGill University.In the 25 years since his death, David's family and friends have embraced life, the importance of family, and a love of music. This piece is dedicated to the memory our son, brother, uncle, student, and friend, David Gelinas. Always in our hearts and minds, David's love of music plays on."Chad Huel, Director of Bands at LeBoldus Catholic High School, Regina, Saskatchewan, approached me to write a new work for the school's symphonic band in memory of his friend, David Gelinas. Chad spoke of his friend's love of music and life, the time they spent together, his skills as a tenor saxophonist, and how his life was cut so tragically short.Before writing this piece, I was reading the William Blake poem Auguries of Innocence. Contained in that poem were the following words, which seemed so beautifully poignant and appropriate, and hopefully encapsulates something about grief, as well as celebration of life."Joy & Woe are woven fineA Clothing for the soul divineUnder every grief & pineRuns a joy with silken twine"Soul Divine is dedicated to Chad Huel and the Gelinas family, in memory of David Gelinas.

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    The Gladiator (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    An outstanding new composition for the solo instrument of your choice with band accompaniment. The Band Set includes solo parts for F Horn, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Bb Clarinet, Oboe and a piano reduction of the score so that the soloist can rehearse without the band being present. Besides being a great way to show off your young players, it's also a charming program number. Tremendous appeal!

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    Tribute to Dixie (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    This scintillating work was written as a tribute to the jazz musicians of the New Orleans, Dixieland and Chicago styles of the 20s and 30s. It consists of an opening swing section in true Dixieland style, followed by a sleazy blues section. Ideally the band should be divided so there is a separate Dixieland band consisting of trumpet, clarinet, alto or tenor saxophone, trombone, banjo (optional) and tuba or double bass. Although the Dixieland band are mostly accompanied by the remainder of the concert band the accompanying players also get the chance to shine as every now and again they take over the musical themes. 06:10

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