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    Twas in the Moon of Wintertime - Arr. Robert W. Smith

    "Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" is a traditional Canadian carol which was originally written in the Huron Indian language by a Jesuit missionary. Robert W. Smith captures the mystique of the native Indian culture, and voices the percussion to be as 'ethnically' accurate as possible. This is pure Robert W. Smith scoring. Haunting!

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    The Spirit of Orpheus (A Sinfonian Celebration) - By Robert W. Smith

    Commissioned by the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Foundation, this brilliant new composition by Robert W. Smith follows in a long line of high-energy, vibrantly-descriptive and excitingly-scored works. Set as a tribute to musicians past and present, all of the Smith trademarks are present in this tune, guaranteeing your musicians will thoroughly enjoy rehearsals and audiences will rise to their feet applauding at the conclusion. A truly important new musical statement! (7:32)

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    Symphonic Statement - By Robert W. Smith

    You'll be startled at the bold presence and sonority of this fresh new festival work for your beginners. Created by Robert W. Smith, "Symphonic Statement" is dedicated to his daughter, Savanna Grace Smith. A bold choice for your contest or any program.

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    Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians - By Robert W. Smith

    There are a wide number of folk songs from the Appalachian region that are cherished by Americans. Smith selected a number of these tunes, including "The Dear Companion," "Pretty Saro," "Lisbon," "Green Bushes," "Lord Randall," "Lord Thomas." and "Fair Ellinor." Set in a more traditional concert band style, these more obscure folk songs have been scored at the concert band level in a Grainger-esque style by Robert W. Smith. (6:36)

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    Children of the World - By Brendan Barnes and Robert W. Smith / arr. Robert W. Smith

    Inspired by the creation of this moving song written especially for the Expressions Music Curriculum?, Robert W. Smith has created the most dynamic full pyramid concert. There are optional string parts as well as an optional children's choir. The concert band serves as the foundation for the programming of this work with the entire pyramid or any combination of the parts. Virtually any wind player can perform the solo in the absence of the choir. Just read the words -- a spectacular closer for any program. (3:19)

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    March of the Magical Toys - By Robert W. Smith

    "'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Santa had dropped through the chimney with care, hoping the children would be up the stairs. He placed all the toys round the tree with delight, and wiggled his nose at the stroke of midnight. The toys came alive and marched round and round, singing and dancing to holiday sounds." So begins Robert W. Smith's program notes. Need more be said? Here is that "Smith creativity" at its finest! (2:31)

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    America - My Country Tis Of Thee - R.W. Smith

    This timeless patriotic melody by S.F. Smith is the perfect musical setting for exceptional teaching. The "Melody Mine" gives each member of the band the opportunity to play the melodic line while the teacher focuses on phrasing, shaping and other core musical concepts. The full band arrangement provides a lush chorale setting of the American standard. The director also has the option to craft their own arrangement to feature soloist(s), instrumental choirs and full band. Master teacher Susan L. Smith has created a powerful teaching resource for use in any beginning band program.

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