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    Tubasaurus Rex - Gene Milford

    A feature for the tuba section or tuba soloist, Tubasaurus Rex will put your tubists in the spotlight and make them feel like royalty. Containing the opportunity to demonstrate both light march and swing styles, everyone in the band will enjoy performing this number. You could also use Tubasaurus Rex to highlight a soloist in a repeat performance. An advanced download version of the solo part is available free as a printable PDF at

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    T. Rex - Roger Cichy

    A musical depiction of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in existence. Mysterious, dramatic music describes the huge animal that lived 67 million years ago: its development from a hatchling to a vicious predator, its episodic life and demise. A super exciting programmatic masterwork!

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    Invictus Rex - Matthew N. Putnam

    Invictus Rex is the Latin phrase for an invincible or undefeatable king. It calls to mind a paragon of strength, boldness, and confidence in the face of challenges and adversity. Audiences will imagine a medieval king attired in heavy armor confidently leading his men into battle, assured in the idea that, though the battle is to be long and arduous, they will ultimately reign victorious. New composer Matthew Putnam draws on his experience as a music educator to provide us with this piece that students will absolutely love to play.

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    Leonardus Rex - Hardy Mertens

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    Rock-A-Saurus Rex! (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    Ken Harris definitely has a long tradition of writing exceptional marches for younger bands and his latest, "Winning Tradition" is one of his nicest. Tuneful and playable with modest technical requirements, you simply can't go wrong with this quality march. Perfect for contest or concert performances. A Real Winner! Recorded on the CD "King's Mountain Adventure" by The Washington Winds.

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  • £35.99

    Tyrannosaurus Rocks - Mike Hannickel

    You've heard of the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex. Well, this Tyrannosaurus ROCKS! Another fun one for Beginning Band by Mike Hannickel, it's as easy as can be but the kids will love it. If you have an old sousaphone and a baritone sax mouthpiece you can make a mighty “Tyrann-o-Phone” for the optional solo at the end of the piece. (Grade 1/2)

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    Apophenia - Peter Meechan

    "Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data."Apophenia is a trumpet concerto in three movements written for American trumpet virtuoso Rex Richardson. Each of the three movements features a different instrument; Movement 1 is for the Bb trumpet, the second is for flugel horn and trumpet, and the third is for trumpet and piccolo trumpet (or Eb trumpet).

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