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    Christmas Pipes - Brendan Graham

    Most notably performed by Celtic Woman, this lilting Celtic style song features a distinctive melody and a striking quote of the traditional carol O Holy Night. Arranged here for second year players this is sure to be a highlightof any holiday concert.

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    The Great Highland Pipes - Mike Hannickel

    Two melodies in the Scottish style meet head-on in this energetic new arrangement. Your students will love the "bagpipe sound" and rhythmic color of the Scottish "snap". This arrangement can also be used with young bands as a lesson in the concept of counterpoint. Each of the two main themes is clearly stated on its own, but remarkable things happen when they are played together. Through skillful selection of themes and contrapuntal composition, Mike Hannickel does a masterful job of melding these contrasting songs into a unified and energetic adventure into the Highlands.Fun to play, and a great style study!

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  • £56.99

    Christmas Pipes (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Graham, Brendan - Brown, Michael

    Most notably performed by Celtic Woman, this marvellous song features a lilting Celtic style and a distinctive melody. This effective setting for band includes the striking use of O Holy Night as heard in the original. Sure to be a highlight of any holiday concert.

  • £42.50

    Christmas Pipes (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Graham, Brendan - Vinson, Johnnie

    Most notably performed by Celtic Woman, this lilting Celtic style song features a distinctive melody and a striking quote of the traditional carol "O Holy Night." Arranged here for beginning band, this is sure to be a highlight of any holiday concert.

  • £39.00

    Highland Echoes - Elliot del Borgo

    Highland Echoes, a dramatic new tone poem by a master of contemporary band scoring, is an evocative musical reflection of Scotland and the changing moods of the Scottish Highlands. The skirl of bagpipes, the distinctive "Scottish snap" rhythm and the drone of the pipes, create a series of distinctive moods, which feature Del Borgo's usual brilliant use of the percussion section and distinctive melodiousness. Duration: 4' 50"

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  • £151.99

    In Nomine - Otto M. Schwarz

    How often has something been justified by, declared to be, or blessed as 'in the name of' some cause or other? How can it be that opposing armies and the use of weapons are ever 'in the name of...'?This is a common thread in the history of different faiths. Good was created but evil was committed and all 'in the name of...'This thread is also found in the history of the Premonstratensian Abbey at Wadgassen. The abbey was built in the 12th century on unfertile, desolate moorland, which later evolved into the most powerful religious community in the Saarland. The history of the abbey records quite astounding achievements under the motto desertum florebit quasi lilium ('the desert will bloom like a lily'); but also the harsh treatment of delinquents. The order had its own school, in which children were taught the seven liberal arts (which included music as well as geography and astronomy), but the poor were left to starve outside the abbey walls and were only allowed to eat from the members' leftovers on feast days.The medieval witch trials demanded their pound of flesh, and one group that fell victim were ecstatic dancers who moved wildly to music??"which was interpreted as the devil's work. The result: a show trial that sentenced the dancers to death by fire. All in the name of...The year is 1789: Abbot Bordier is in the tenth year of his command. He does not yet know that he is to be the last abbot of an almost 700-year tradition. Not far from the abbey is the French border, which has long been making itself felt with the sound of gunfire, and the brothers continue to keep a nervous eye on it. The first portents of the French Revolution loom, but no one wants to believe it??"that is, until the French pound the door down, storm the abbey and come right into the brothers' chambers. In a blind fury, all the pipes of the abbey organ are torn out, icons beheaded with swords and brothers beaten death while numerous buildings are set on fire. The abbey church is in flames. A frantic and desperate escape begins. Abbot Bordier and a handful of brothers make their getaway via the River Saar, adjacent to the abbey, to the neighbouring village of Bous. They survive, but their life??"the Premonstratensian abbey??"is destroyed. While they flee towards Prague and the sanctuary of the Strahov Monastery, the abbey at Wadgassen is razed to the ground and becomes a stone quarry.The desert blooms once more, however. A few short decades later, a glasswork arises from the foundations of the abbey. As peace returns to the region, it brings jobs and a new vision for its people.

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    The Life of a Samurai - Satoshi Yagisawa

    Satoshi Yagisawa chose as the theme of this work the subject of Bushido, the fundamental Japanese code of samurai chivalry, and depicts the life of a heroic and passionate samurai knight of the 19th century. The Japanese-sounding mood can be furtherenhanced by the optional use of Japanese instruments such as drums and bamboo pipes.

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    Ye Banks and Braes (USA) - Shawn E. Okpebholo

    Among airs, there are none more beautiful than those fromthe general vicinity of Scotland and Ireland. An originalmelody intertwines with the lovely Scottish air Ye Banksand Braes to form a touching and reflective espressivoperformance piece that you are sure to admire. The endearingnature of old Scottish melody has a charm all its own.A little touch of the "Pipes" is included to re-emphasize theorigin of this timeless air.A gem!

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    Say Say Say - Michael Jackson

    Say Say Say followed The Girl Is Mine as a collaborative project that sprang from the friendship between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney and which appeared on McCartney's 1983 album Pipes of Peace. Masamicz Amonao hasskillfully arranged this smash hit by the two pop superstars for concert band.

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    A Little Latin (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Stubbs, Duncan

    Music and dance have been intrinsically linked in nearly all human cultures since the beginnings of our history. Latin American dance music has a particularly rich cultural heritage. During the 16th Century, Spanish and Portuguese settlers brought their music from overseas. The percussion instruments of the indigenous South American peoples brought their own distinctive flavour; local drums, guiros, maracas, turtle shells and unique wind instruments such as the zampona (pan pipes). The contribution from Africa brought rhythmic enrichment to the mix, resulting in the variety of Latin American dances we enjoy today. A Little Latin introduces this richly rewarding area of music and should encourage further exploration of this exciting genre.

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