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    Magnum - Mike Post - Jirka Kadlec

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    Victory (Nike) - Lauren Keiser

    A magnum opus for concert band by composer Lauren Keiser. Victory is large in scope and introduces different harmonic and melodic perspectives to the concert band world. Something different, but musically on par with symphonies by some of the master composers. (Grade 5)

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    Symphony No. 9 - Antonín Dvo?ák - Larry Daehn

    One of the world's favorite symphonies. This skillfully excerpted arrangement makes Dvorak's magnum opus playable by most high school bands. Drama and beauty abound! Give your students the thrill of playing this classic!

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    Contrapunctus V - Johann Sebastian Bach - Larry Daehn

    One of the most famous fugues from Bach's final Magnum Opus. The beautiful D minor theme first appears simply in the four voices of a woodwind quartet??"flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon??"and then draws upon all the instrumental colors and textures to build an ever more dramatic and powerful mosaic of the band's voices. A masterwork transcribed masterfully!

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