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    Ghillie Dhu (Elf of the Forest) (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Earp, Joseph Benjamin

    Ghillie Dhu (Gill-e Dew) "Elf of the Forest" is inspired by a friendly but often wild creature from Scottish Folklore. This mythical being is given life through the captivating writing of Joseph Benjamin Earp. A wonderful teaching tool for instrumental ensembles focused on polyrhythms and compound time signatures. Appropriate for any concert or festival performance. Duration: 2.45

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    As We Search - Joseph Earp

    This programmatic composition, inspired by the many ghost stories that have come from the mysterious occurrence of lights on Brown Mountain, North Carolina, musically tells the story of a missing 19th-centurywoman that is searched for every night by villagers. Using exposed instrumental lines, a developing three-note theme, and contemporary harmonic and percussive elements, this composition for mature concert bands is a great choice for contest or as a unique and different programing contrasting selection.

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