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    Andalusia - By Hugh Stuart

    This Hugh Stuart original captures the spirit and color of Andalusia, the large ancient province of Spain where much of that country's tradition and culture was developed. After a driving introduction, a dramatic trumpet cadenza conjures up images of a heroic matador which leads into the main theme. This lilting melody in 3/4 time is flavored with interesting harmonies and rythmic variation as smooth inner lines weave their way through the texture. Transport your band and audience to this colorful region with this concert winner!

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  • £107.00

    Cambrinus - Matthias van Nispen tot Pannerden

    The name Cambrinus, a corrupted variation on 'Jan Primus' (John the First), refers to the flamboyant John I of Brabant, who was the Duke of the Dutch provinces Brabant and Limburg, in the second half of the 13th century. This piece of music tells the story of this notable man, starting with the Battle of Worringen in 1288, where he scored a glorious victory, followed by an exuberant celebration in which he also contemplates about the suffering he and his men have caused. The works offers exciting energetic musical scenes with lots of action, as well as beautiful romantic and heroic themes offering plenty of opportunities for your band to unfold all its qualities.

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  • £49.50

    March to Concord - Rick Kirby

    March to Concord commemorates one of the first and decisive battles of the American War of Independence. Rick Kirby honours this historic occasion with a heroic sounding composition that is rhythmical, powerful and full of variation.

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