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    Deux Mouvements - André Waignein

    Early in 1989 Jean Baily, director of the Royal Conservatoire in Bruxelles, asked his very close friend Andr Waignein to compose a piece which could be performed by the conservatoire's saxophone class. Andr Waignein was readily agreeable. Not only was his father a saxophone player, but himself felt strongly attracted to the instrument and he was further encouraged into accepting the commission by his friend Alain Crepin, saxophone teacher at the Bruxelles Conservatoire.The piece he composed consists of two movements, hence the title. An elergy is expressed by means of a melody which is full with pronounced magnanimity, full of spectacular musical freedom enabling the soloist to express himself to the full. In this movement the melodic element is of the utmost importance.The capriccio, the second movement is musically disconcerting. The band's accompaniment is particulary important. Due to the high notes, the soloist brings this capriccio to a close with enthusiastic virtuosity.

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