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  • £56.95

    DOYEN (Progress Concert Band Series) - Richards, Goff

    Doyen was written to commemorate the launch of the luxury motor coach of that name and is a sort of musical journey which includes sounds of the coach starting up, cruising at speed and slowing down as it reaches its destination. Grade 4 Performance time 5'00"

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  • £59.95

    CARTOON MUSIC (Concert Band) - Graham, Peter

    Originally written for percussionist Evelyn Glennie's Grammy-nominated Album 'Reflected in Brass', this wind band version is arranged in the style of Scott Bradley, for long the doyen of composers of music for animation. His `Tom and Jerry' scores reference a wide range of music, from Liszt to Schoenberg via Tin Pan Alley. Sharp-eared listeners will catch similar quotes in Cartoon Music. (Recorded on DOYCD 132)

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  • £154.00

    Missa Tornacum (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    Flicien Doyen, the President of the Tornacum Royal Choir Circle of Tournai (Belgium) and a close friend of the composer commissioned this Mass. Missa Tornacum was originally composed for mixed choir and organ, gave a memorable performance of the piece in the Chartres Cathedral in France.Although it does not include the Credo, the work is composed according to the traditional structure of a Mass in five parts : Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and Ite missa est. En the first two parts, a dialogue is created between the choir and the band. It is followed by the Sanctus cycle ("Sanctus" - "Hosanna" - "Benedictus"), which is remarkable for the contrasts between the tone colorscharacterizing each of its three parts. The fourth part, Agnus Dei, takes on a tone of serene intimacy. A free counterpoint draws this section to a close by fading into an almost imperceptible quietness. Ite missa est begins with a series of imitations, which develop into a majestic and cheerful passage marking the end of the Mass. Choir parts are available separately. 17:00

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