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    Batman & Co. - Junior - Alan Fernie

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    Flamme & Co - NAULAIS, Jérôme

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    Flamme And Co - NAULAIS, Jérôme

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    Christmas Fanfare - Fergal Carroll

    Christmas Fanfare is based on the traditional English Christmas tune "The Sussex Carol", also known as "On Christmas Night All Christians Sing". A short piece of about 2 minutes in the style of a fanfare, the tune moves betwen the various sections of the band, sometimes appearing in canon. At bar 46 the melody of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' is used as a descant in the woodwind while the brass play the traditional tune. Christmas Fanfare was first performed in Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland on December 20th 2007 by the Army Number One Band with the composer conducting.

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    AQUARIUM (Amstel Music) - De Meij, Johan

    This exciting and descriptive work is written in three movements representing six different tropical fish each with its own motif and individual character. I. Allegretto grazioso (Neon Tetra, Electric Eel and Angelfish), II. Andante/Adagio (Sea Horse and Zebrafish), III. Finale: Allegro giocoso (Guppy & Co.)

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    Celebration Folklorique

    This publication marks Andr Jutras' 25-year association with C.L. Barnhouse Co. and will certainly become a classic of band literature in the years to come! You can again expect Andr's unique signature touch of fresh harmonies, beautiful melodies and full, solid orchestration that will make your band shine and sound at its best in any concert or festival situation. If you wish to challenge your musicians you can also turn this piece into a longer French-Canadian folk song suite by performing it in conjunction with this composer's much celebrated "Three Folk Miniatures". A welcome addition to your music library!

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    Raging Thunder (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    A brilliant concert march commemorating the 100th Anniversary of C.L. Barnhouse Co. by this noted composer. Exciting, playable, great melodies and an extremely strong finish herald one of the best new concert marches in years.

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    Over Slope and Summit - By Douglas Akey

    Over Slope and Summit was written for the Mountain View High School Wind Ensemble (Loveland, CO) and its director, Peter Toews. Alpine fanfares and soaring melodies create a musical painting of the five peaks of the Rocky Mountains that are visible from the school's campus.

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