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    A TEAM (Theme) (Concert Band) - Carpenter & Post - Murtha, Paul

    Featured in the popular TV series from the '80s, and brought back for the recent motion picture, here is the iconic theme song in a hard-hitting arrangement by Paul Murtha. Sure to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages

  • £54.00

    Theme from "The A Team" - Mike Post - Paul Murtha

    Featured in the popular TV series from the '80s, and brought back for the recent motion picture, here is the iconic theme song in a hard-hitting arrangement by Paul Murtha. Sure to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

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    The a Team - Mike Post - Willy Hautvast

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    PRIDE OF A NATION (Concert Band) - Stubbs, Duncan

    Includes: 1. Wedding Fanfare ('Valiant and Brave' - Motto of No.22 Squadron - Search and Rescue). This was performed by the Fanfare Team of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force at the Royal Wedding 2011 (Prince William and Kathryn Middleton); 2. Processional. 2012 sees the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen's Coronation. As the inspiration for this work 'Processional' captures the pageantry and grandeur associated with Royal Ceremonies. Grade: Intermediate-Advanced

  • £45.95

    DRAGON DANCE (Very Beginning Band) - Story, Michael

    The Dragon Dance is a popular event in traditional Chinese culture, especially during Chinese New Year celebrations. Originating during the Han Dynasty, the dance is carried out by a team of performers that carry the dragon on poles. Drums, cymbals, and gongs are used with this characteristic dance using only the first six notes learned.

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  • £41.58

    Batter Up! (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    It's the final inning of the ballgame and the hometown team is behind 3 to nothing facing the final out! With each batter the excitement rises, as the final pitch is thrown with bases loaded. Combined with the clever narration, you can capture the excitement of the American pastime featuring a local celebrity, teacher, student or administrator as the "voice" of your hometown team. Take your whole band out to the ballgame!

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  • £112.00

    Bulgarian Rhapsody - Gabriel Musella

    This exceptional new symphonic setting of four Bulgarian folk songs comes in a long line of wonderful rhapsodies based upon a collection of folk song material from one country or region. Composer Gabriel Musella weaves a delightful tapestry of colors, textures and time signatures to create a truly exciting musical presentation. We are proud to welcome the talents of Mr. Musella to the Carl Fischer team. Alert your contest and festival music committees about this piece, because it has the making of a festival standard.

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  • £125.00

    1834 (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    The twofold title of this concert work is directly connected with the band who commissioned it. The 'Harmonie Municipale Grevenmacher' - from the town of the same name, by the river Moselle in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - was founded in the year 1834. The name Machera is derived from the word machara, which in turn originated from maceries (old wall). Later, Machera evolved into Machern, Grafenmachern, and finally Grevenmacher. In 2009, this music society - the third oldest still in existence in the country - celebrated its 175th anniversary. And after all these years the society still flourishes! The dynamic committee, led by Georges May, fully supports and inspires the musical leader of the band, Claude Weiland, as well as his 60-strong ensemble. This well-functioning team took the initiative to ask Jan Van der Roost to write an anniversary composition, inspired, on the one hand, by the rural character of Grevenmacher and its surroundings (where the famous Moselle wine growing dominates the countryside), and on the other hand, by the dynamics, creativity and joie de vivre the band exudes. All of this resulted in a twofold work with alternating peace and excitement, virtuous and melodic features, orchestral splendour and soberly orchestrated passages. The premire, on 10 January 2010, was conducted by the composer himself at a successful gala concert which brought a fine year full of musical festivities to a close. The 'Harmonie Municipale Grevenmacher' faces the future with confidence, and will now prepare for its next milestone: the 200th anniversary! 0:11:00

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    MUSIC WITH CHEQUERED EARS (Advanced Concert Band) - Balazs, Arpad

    Television viewers of nearly a hundred countries have experienced Arpad Balazs's touching melodies. The series of cartoons have neither dialogue nor text: the music presents the amiable and entertaining adventures of the rabbit with chequered ears and its friends. Balazs has rephrased and developed the well-known melodies and as a result a ''children's story symphony'' of seven movements has been created in which, in contrast with Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, there is no narrator but the instruments themselves represent the story-tellers. The composer has again associated the groups of instruments with one another in a colourful and varied manner, skilfully alternating the modes of solo, chamber orchestra and orchestra. Movements I, II, IV and VII represent a ''short suite'' that can be independently performed, thus due to its duration of four minutes and easier level, ensembles with more modest opportunities can also perform it. The most well-known parts of the cartoon series music - the main title and the ending - are included in both versions. Includes: The Story Begins; The Sun has Come Out; To the Forest!; Game of Tag; The Tired Team Walks Slowly Home; In the Circus; The Story Ends for Today. Duration: 4:00

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    SILVER WINDS (Concert Band) - Lopez, Victor

    Inspired by the official Command Exhibition Parachute Demonstration Team from Fort Benning, Georgia, your performers and the audience will enjoy this musical journey from the haunting beginning to the dark heroic melody with the ostinato skilfully written in a seamless fashion. Beautiful colour is brought to the melody with the joining of the baritones, flutes, and clarinets. The lyrical section involves a chorale-like clarinet choir accompanying a beautiful oboe solo. The rousing finale brings built upon a driving pulse carried by the low voices as this work races to a close. "Silver Winds" is exciting to conduct and to prepare. Duration 5:04

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