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    Tricky Trombones - J. Helyer

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    Tricky Trumpets - Harm Evers

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    BOHEMIAN DANCES (Concert Band) - Woolfenden, Guy

    Includes:1. Shepherds and Shepherdesses2. Florizel and Perdita3. Dance of the SatyrsOne of my favourite Shakespeare plays is The Winter's Tale, and I have written music for three completely different productions during my time as Head of Music to the Royal Shakespeare Company. One, starring Judi Dench as both the mother, Hermione and her daughter, Perdita, had a big band Tribal Love-Rock score; another had a more classical, but timeless feel to it, and the last was an excellent small-scale touring production, for which I was allowed only a handful of instruments. It is from this source that the basic themes for Bohemian Dances, and an earlier version Three Dances for Clarinet Choir, have emerged. Act IV of the play is set in the kingdom of Bohemia - hence the title of the work.Shakespeare calls for "A Dance of Shepherds and Shepherdesses", which gives Florizel, the son of Polixenes, (King of Bohemia) a chance to become better acquainted with the beautiful Perdita, the lost daughter of Leontes, (King of Sicilia). This movement is written in seemingly tricky and ever-changing metres, but is rhythmically quite logical and melodically catchy.The slower second movement 'Florizel and Perdita' is the lovers' pas de deux: a gentle, slow waltz-like tune, initially presented by the principal oboe, is contrasted with a lndler-like double time melody, at the end of which a solo clarinet makes a link to the last movement.'Dance of the Satyrs' is a rip-roaring, foot-stamping dance performed in the play by 'three carters, three shepherds, three neat-herds, and three swine-herds', who enter in outrageous costumes representing the lecherous half-man, half-goat of Greek mythology. This dance is referred to as a "gallimaufry of gambols" - now where have I heard that word before?! - GW

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    The Wind in the Willows - Johan de Meij

    "A book for those who keep the spirit of youth alive in them; of life, sunshine, running water, woodlands, dusty roads, winter firesides" said author Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932) about his children's book The Wind in the Willows. Initially, he wrote the stories about Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad to read to his visually handicapped son Alistair, but after the publication in book form in 1908, it became a worldwide success. It was later also turned into a film and a television series. What appealed ti the composer most is the friendly, very cosy atmosphere that Grahame has managed to create with his optimistic narrative style full of high spirits, an atmosphere that reminds the composer of his own carefree youth. It was therefore a great pleasure to set this book to music! The four movements successively describe:I) The River- The river, which flows through the habitat of the animals like a lifeline, regularly is the scene of pleasant boat trips and picnics. The animals lead their untroubled lives here. The four-tone main motif [A-C-D-C] is extensively presented by the brass section, and returns in the following movements as a countermelody. II) Ratty and Mole -The bright, energetic Rat and the melancholy doubter Mole are inseparable friends and have many adventures. Their opposite characters are illustrated by separate musical themes. III) Mister Toad - The wilful, haughty Mister Toad is indeed a unique case: time after time, he runs into tricky situations, and with his indomitable passion for fast - preferably stolen - cars he causes quite a lot of damage...IV) The Return of UlyssesAfter Toad Hall, the majestic residence of Mister Toad, is recovered from the weasels and stoats of the Wild Wood, who had captured the estate in a cowardly way, our friends get ready for a banquet. They celebrate the victory with a triumphant parade, and so both the book and the music conclude with a happy ending.

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