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    William Tell Overture - Gioachino Rossini

    One of the great, classic transcriptions of the concert band repertoire, Leidzen's famous arrangement of the most popular and beloved of Rossini's opera overtures has been reissued in a fine modern edition edited by Tommy J. Fry. From the atmospheric opening, through the brilliant storm sequence and following pastorale (with its English horn solo), to the quick march, almost inseparable, for Americans of a certain age, from The Lone Ranger, this is a dazzling survey of what a talented modern band should be able to achieve.

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    Who's That Masked Man?

    Why is it that so many of our favorite characters from film and television wear masks? Jay Bocook examines this disturbing phenomenon in this intense yet entertaining medley featuring themes from The Phantom of the Opera, The Maskof Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Spider Man and The Incredibles.

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    William Tell Overture - By Gioacchino Rossini / arr. Mark Williams

    Here's another great arrangement from Mark Williams! This arrangement of selections from the beloved William Tell Overture will enthrall listeners and performers alike. The Lento introduction features the woodwind section and sets the stage for the trumpet section which sounds the familiar "Lone Ranger" theme to begin the famous Allegro vivace which runs the full dynamic range from tense pianissimo to pounding fortissimo.

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