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    The Road Unknown - By Richard Meyer

    Deriving its subtitle from a Civil War poem by Walt Whitman, this original tone poem by Richard Meyer is full of emotion and energy. The work is divided into four sections entitled "Home," "Recruitment," "Departure," and "Into Battle." It begins with a recurring theme introduced by solo trumpet that represents a young man. This segues into the next theme, which features George Roots's stirring "Battle Cry of Freedom." Flutes and drums are widely used to convey a strong feeling of patriotism. The Road Unknown is a thoughtful, well-written work that is sure to stand out at your next concert!

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    Clarinetics - Music by Richard Meyer

    Feature your star soloist, your whole section, or even a bass clarinet soloist in this fantastic original work by Richard Meyer. Although sounding difficult, the solo part was written with the younger player in mind and therefore lays very well on the instrument. The soloist starts a fun motif, which is then bounced around the entire band in a playful manner. The pace changes with a beautiful cantabile middle section, only to lead into a Mozart-like variation. After a return to the original theme, a rousing accelerando leads into a virtuosic finish. Show off your clarinet section on your next concert with Clarinetics!

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    Knights of Dunvegan - By Richard Meyer

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    In a French Garden - By Richard Meyer

    In a French Garden is an impressionistic composition fashioned in the style of a Debussy piano prelude. Full of legato passages and contemporary harmonies, this work provides a unique opportunity for young bands to learn about this mysterious and wonderful style of music. In a French Garden contains a rich palette of colors which will dazzle students and audiences alike!

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