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  • £44.50

    We Stand on Guard - Vince Gassi

    Strong themes contrast with gentler statements, expressive of reverence, courage, and pride. Open your next concert with this easy concert march inspired by the bravery and honor of all those who stand on guard for our safety. (2:40)

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  • £15.30

    America on Guard - Weber-Steinmetz

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    Advance Guard - Jerry Nowak

    This solidly scored and dramatic march is characterized by colorful contrasting themes and powerful rhythms. Makes a great opener on any program!

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  • £54.40

    P Vakt - Sam Rydberg

    Sam Rydberg wrote "On Guard" to Royal Svea Engineering Corps in 1942. He was connected to this Corps for nearly 30 years, so it was a great honor to the composer when they made this march their own official regiment march.On Guard isoften played as a part of the changing of the Guard-parades and other ceremonies.

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  • £87.10

    In Charge - Concert March - Jerker Johansson

    In Charge was commissioned by the Home Guard Band of Eksj to honour Thomas Samuelsson, whose efforts with the orchestra have been of great significance. He was a driving person within Swedish military music and furthermore project manager for Eksj International Tattoo. Thomas worked at Eksj Energy and the title of this work hints both to his occupation and his administrative leadership in the band. The first part of this concert march concentrates a lot on syncopation, while the second part is more robust with a traditional and lyrical trio part. In Charge was premiered by the Home Guard Band of Eksj on the 22th of December 2018, conducted by Maria Sandberg.

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  • £142.99

    Night In Venice - Wouter Lenaerts

    This work was commissioned by the Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium (Royal Flemish Conservatoire) of Antwerp and is dedicated to the flautist Aldo Baerten. Its first performance took place on 15 March 2006 in the Blue Hall (Blauwe Zaal) of thedeSingel International Arts Centre, featuring Aldo Baerten and the orchestra of the Antwerp Conservatoire.--Silver glow--It is night. �The Queen of the Adriatic� is bathing in a silver glow from the full moon. The old city seems to beunder a magical spell. In the distance, the bells of the Campanile di San Marco can be heard. Echoes of the murmuring water from scores of narrow canals resound through the narrow streets... Venice seems to be lost in a deep sleep. Or is it?--Secretsof the Doge�s Palace----St. Mark�s Square is shrouded in a gloomy silence. The grim architecture of theProcuraties and the Doge�s Palace dominates the deserted square. What secrets are hidden behind these facades? How manyprisoners were really tortured here after they had seen daylight for the last time on the �Bridge of Sighs�? How many stories have been waiting to be told for centuries? Will the Doges ever divulge this mystery?--The Four Horses--A fewmetres further along, four imposing horses guard the gate of St. Mark�s Basilica. Their bronze coats gleam in the moonlight and it looks as if they are about to jump down. They were created in the fourth century to adorn the ConstantinopleHippodrome, but during the fourth crusade in 1204 they were stolen and brought to Venice, where they became the symbol for the four Biblical Evangelists. As the mysterious origin of the most famous horses of Venice always seems to symbolise thefigure �4�, �The Four Horses� is entirely based on the quart as musical interval. Behind the horses, the heavenly interior of the basilica is revealed, where thousands of glittering mosaics strive to reflect the moonlightthat shines through the windows. A new world opens in an ethereal silence...--Epilogue - Silver glow--Outside, the moon is still high in the sky. The magic of the world�s most romantic city seems to have become even more powerful...

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  • £55.95

    Wings and Shield - By Jerry Brubaker

    This magnificent march is dedicated to the men and women who perform Air Sea Search and Rescue in the United States Coast Guard. An innovative flourish launches the soaring melodies associated with the bravery demonstrated on each mission. This is destined to become a standard march for use on any program. (2:45)

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  • £91.00

    Blue Horizons - Jeremy Martin

    More than a mere arrangement of the original material, Blue Horizons is a woven tapestry of the Air Force's musical heritage. The main theme is a variation of the U.S. Air Force Song (Off We Go), with a secondary theme based on A Toast to the Host (the bridge of The Air Force Song). Throughout the work, fragments of other Air Force-related songs appear: Lord, Guard and Guide (the Air Force Hymn), Air Force Blue, and Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. Tuneful and jaunty this piece is suitable for patriotic programming, concerts, and festivals.

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  • £80.99

    Guardians of the Waves - Philip Sparke

    Guardians of the Waves was commissioned by the Japan Coast Guard Band to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2018. They gave the premiere as part of a 30th anniversary concert on November 8th that year. Set in traditional march form, Guardians of the Waves opens with a short introduction, which leads to the main theme, played initially by the brass and then repeated with a florid woodwind descant. The theme is extended and morphs into a second theme, first played tutti and then quietly repeated by bassoon, tenor sax and euphonium. This leads to a conventional 'bass strain', played twice with varying accompaniments. A quieter trio section follows, delicately scored and featuring the tenor instruments of the band. Taken up by the full band, this leads back to a recall of the introduction and a return to the main two themes, which lead to a triumphal close.Recorded by the Kobe College Wind Orchestra and its conductor Osama Matsuura

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