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    Suite from Hymn of the Highlands Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Suite from Hymn of the Highlands draws three expressive musical pictures of the Scottish highlands. The first movement, Ardross Castle, features solo passages for clarinet and bassoon and features a fascinating bagpipe melody. The second movement, Alladale, is a saxophone trio with an accompaniment featuring the percussion section. The final movement, Dundonnell, features two highly contrasting melodies, a wild presto and the bagpipe melody first heard in the first movement. 17:00

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  • £97.00

    Strathcarron (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    Strathcarron is a movement from Philip Sparke's Hymn of the Highlands, in which each movement reflects a different location in the beautiful Scottish highlands. Stratcarron, named after a village at the head of Loch Carron, near the Isle of Skye, takes the form of a sword dance which alternates between fast and slow tempi. 05:40

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    Flowerdale (Concert Band - Score and Parts)

    The seven-movement suite for brass band, Hymn of the Highlands was commissioned by David King and the Yorkshire Building Society Band and provides a series of themed movements which can act as a half-concert featuring a band's soloists. Flowerdale is one of the solo movements.This solo is also available with piano accompaniment, edition no. AMP 285. 04:00

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  • £81.00

    FLOWERDALE (Bb Piccolo Trumpet/Concert Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Bb Piccolo Trumpet (or Eb Cornet/Trumpet) and Concert Band. Flowerdale is a forest in Wester Ross, Scotland, which is well-known for its beautiful waterfall. This piece, for solo Piccolo Trumpet, is one of the movements from Philip Sparke's epic suite Hymn of the Highlands. It depicts the tall trees swaying gently in the wind with the serenity of the area being reflected by the subtle accompaniment of the band. Let your soprano player bloom into colour with this exquisite solo. A real show stopper. Duration: 4:20. American Grade 4 Recorded on Anglo AR0263 Atlantic Odyssey.

  • £81.00

    SUMMER ISLES (Euphonium/Concert Band) - Sparke, Philip

    from Hymn of the Highlands. The Summer Isles are a group of islands located off the North West coast of Scotland which are famous for their wildlife. This piece, written for solo euphonium and brass band, reflects the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the islands. The wonderful melodious nature of the euphonium is displayed in this piece and the opening theme is followed by melodic interplay between the soloist and cornets. This piece will surely be enjoyed by any audience. Duration: 4:10 American Grade 4