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    FULL BLAST! (Wind Band) Andrew E. Lawson

    FULL BLAST! follows the exciting journey of a rocket launching into space. This piece is very much within the performance reach of Middle School bands, and may be an exciting ride for younger band members learning to perform a bit of syncopation. With a minimalist approach, this short journey allows the band members to perform melodies and supportive material throughout the work. Sheet music available from : UK: USA: To view a video of Dallas Brass Band performing the brass band version of this work please visit Difficulty Level: Medium Easy Instrumentation: Flute 1-2 Oboe Bassoon Clarinet in Bb 1-2 Bass Clarinet in Bb Alto Saxophone 1-2 Tenor Saxophone Trumpet in Bb 1-2 Horn in F Trombone 1-2 Euphonium Tuba Timpani Glockenspiel Percussion 1-2

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    Space Journey - By Brad Ciechomski

    Space Journey is a three-movement suite depicting the launch, orbit and return to earth of a spaceship. "Blast Off Into Orbit" begins with a dramatic launch portraying the spaceship powering into the atmosphere. "Zero Gravity" allows the listener to float in space as a Lydian melody in the flute provides a light, weightless feeling while the percussion accompanies on metallic instruments. "Re-entry to Earth" features a descending fanfare announcing the return of the ship through the atmosphere back to earth. The ceremonial theme depicts the spaceship breaking through the sky, and landing in full glory.

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