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  • £245.00

    From Ancient Times Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    From Ancient Times is a major work for brass band, inspired largely by the music of the Franco-Flemish School of the Renaissance. Hints of Gregorian chant and middle age dances pay tribute to music from even earlier times. The foundation of this spectacular work rests on truly 'ancient times' while the tonal language is of a much more modern nature! 0:18:30

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  • £49.95

    Ancient Legends (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Fagan, Gary

    Ancient Legends is a two-movement suite that musically depicts two legendary creatures from ancient times - the quiet and serene character of the unicorn, and the hideous and terrifying Minotaur.Duration: 3:45

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  • £77.22

    Legend of the Ancient Hero

    Dramatic and powerful, Legend of the Ancient Hero tells the musical story of a warrior in ancient times who risked his life to save his country from being conquered. Benjamin Yeo is a talented young composer from Singapore who has combined exciting rhythmic elements and a contrasting lyrical section that will make this programmatic work the highlight in your band concert, contest or festival performances! Solos for flute, trumpet and saxophone also provide opportunities to feature the best in your band. Simply exceptional!

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  • £40.95

    Ancient Voices (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Sweeney, Michael

    Rarely does any single publication have such an effect on band literature as this unique and striking composition from 1994. Individually, the parts are relatively simple. Yet the combined effect is sophisticated and impressive far beyond its easy level. Michael uses a wealth of contemporary devices (including tone clusters, recorders, singing, pencil tapping) to create an aura of prehistoric times.Duration: 3.45

  • £43.00

    God rest ye merry Gentlemen Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    God rest ye merry, Gentlemen' is an ancient English carol. It was first published in 1833, but it can be traced as far back as the 15th century, which makes it one of the oldest carols known. 'God rest ye merry' is a Middle English salutation. In this manner, people wished one another greatness and might. In modern English, the first line of this carol would read 'May God keep you mighty, gentlemen'. Andrew R. Mackereth has not kept to the original words in his up-tempo arrangement of the carol. It is still clearly recognizable, but the arranger has taken a good many liberties. Sometimes a particular note is held longer, at times motifs follow one another in various parts. If you listen carefully, you may even be able to detect a motif from another well-known song. 01:45

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