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  • £121.00

    Abraham Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    This tone poem for concert band is based on the Old Testament tale of Abraham, who was ready unconditionally to make the greatest sacrice he could: that of his own son, Isaac. In Ferrer Ferran's starkly contrasting composition the emotions that this tale evokes come to the fore: the bliss of divine life and humanity, as opposed to worry, fear and self-sacrifice. 13:35

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  • £104.00

    Algemiz Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Algemesi is a town situated on the banks of the river Sucron, in the south of Valencia in Spain. Algemiz by Ferrer Ferran was inspired by two historical events connected with the town. When the Iberian peninsula was under the rule of the Romans a bloody battle took place between the armies of the generals Pompey and Sertorius known as The Battle of Sucron. Much later in the 13th century, Don Jaime 1, king of Aragon who had been defeated by the Maures d'Almenara, decided to lead an expedition to Sucron to evaluate the resistance of the Arab forces and conquer Alegmesi. This story of this expedition is told in The Dance of the Conquerors. 13:00

  • £97.00

    El Caracol Mifasol Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    El caracol (snail in Spanish) is the perfect illustration of the long slow process children must undertake when learning music. Ferrer Ferran composed this small musical poem to encourage the first, and sometimes difficult, steps in the fascinating world of music. The vocal part in this work can be performed by children taking their first steps in music. If there is no children's choir available the musicians in your band can sing the vocal part. This is a tremendously innovative piece that will help youngsters get involved in music-making. 05:32

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  • £294.00

    El Ingenioso Hidalgo Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    El Ingenioso Hidalgo closes Ferrer Ferran's trilogy of compositionswith the theme of Don Quixote. This highly melodic and rhythmicgrand symphony reflects three episodes from the book Don Quixote.It tells a tale of chivalry, romance, madness and adventure, and willadd a touch of classic Spanish adventure to any concert. 25:20

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  • £154.00

    El Quijote Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    El Quijote is based on Cervantes novel Don Quixote. This gem of Spanish literature has captured the whole world, and is widely acclaimed to be not only one of the most influential and emblematic work in the field of Spanish literature, but more generally a founding work of modern Western literature. Ferrer Ferran composed the symphonic fantasy El Quijote on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of this literary work. The composition can be performed with an optional narrator who declaims from Cervantes? work. 16:06

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  • £188.00

    Hydra Concerto Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    The innovative Spanish composer Ferrer Ferranhas taken Greek mythology as an inspiration forhis concerto for trumpet and concert band. Hydra,the water monster decapitated by Hercules andIolaus, terrorised the area of Lerna, near Argos.The concerto is in three sections which contrastwith each other. The first section is rhythmical andtriumphant, the second is calm and melodious andthe last part provides an aggressive ending. Awelcome addition to the repertoire for solo trumpetand concert band. 15:15

  • £139.00

    Ivam Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Since it opened in 1989 the Institute for Modern Art in Valencia (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderne or simply IVAM) has taken centre stage in advancing and researching all forms of 20th century art. Ferrer Ferran was inspired by the spirit of modern art to compose IVAM, an expressive anddazzling symphonic overture for band. A feast of sound! 10:55

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  • £113.00

    Jovintud Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Ferrer Ferran is the conductor of Juventud Musical who, in 2005, celebrated their twentieth anniversary. Jovintud was composed to celebrate this anniversary and is a blend of the name ?Jovi? with the word juventud (youth). Tenor saxophone player Jos Vicente Berch, known as Jovi, is the chairman of the group. Jovintud is a youthful, cheerful and humorous composition that has its own unique charm. A wonderful vibrant work that is a great opportunity to feature your tenor saxophone player. 08:00

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  • £368.00

    Pinocchio (Complete Ed.) Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    The many adventures of Pinocchio, written by Carlo Collodi, have become a classic in children's literature of the 19th century. Known and loved around the world, this story has been adapted in many different ways. Ferrer Ferran sets the adventures of this lovable, wooden puppet in an exciting, passionate, sweet and fascinating symphonic suite. Pinocchio consists of four contrasting movements: Pinocchio, Mister Gepetto and the Talking Cricket, The Fairy with the Turquoise Hair, The Field of Miracles and The Land of Toys/The Terrible Dog sh/Pinocchio Becomes a Little Boy. This suite will be loved by young and old alike. 26:45

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  • £109.00

    Raphael Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    This work is inspired by the famous Italian Renaissance painter Raphael and his magnificent paintings; at the same time it's a very personal work for Ferrer Ferran, who dedicated it to his own brother Raphael. The dedication pays tribute to Raphael's great work in the field of youth music education. Both Raphaels, painter and teacher, display huge devotion to their work, which is beautifully captured in this composition. 10:35

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