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    They are Coming - John Emerson Blackstone

    There are people who are capable of planning well. They live their lives in a well-structured manner and know exactly what they have to do. On the other hand, there are also people who are the exact opposite: they want to do too many things at once and are often somewhat absent-minded, which occasionally results in frantic situations. The outcome of one such situation is 'They are coming'. John Emerson Blackstone had been working on a new composition for some time when he received a telephone call from his editor, who told him that the deadline was approaching rapidly, even worse, that it would expire at the end of that same day and that he would drop by in person to fetch the composition! Blackstone set to work in a frenzy and completed the last details. When his editor arrived, the piece was finished ..... and got its definitive title: 'They are coming'.

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    Jumpin' at the Swing Train - Stephen Bulla

    Authentic Big Band swing style music for the concert band! You know this one will be a crowd pleaser, and SO much fun to play! Stephen Bulla works his magic with the great Jazz sounds of the 40s and 50s in such a way that your band will be able to put it together and make it happen. Lots of great jazz style articulation and harmonic considerations ensure that your students are doing more than just playing the piece. They are learning Big Band Jazz style interpretation in the bargain, and loving it as they do. This is a great opportunity to study the historical American roots of Jazz!Swing it!

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    Rifle Regiment - March - Andrew Balent

    When you hear the names John Phillip Sousa and Andrew Balent, you know they have to do with something great! Balent takes one of Sousa's most popular marches and works it down to keep some of the technical demands in check for most younger bands. Sousa wrote this march in 1886 to commemorate The Third Infantry, known as "The Old Guard."

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