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    CROWN POINT MARCH (Concert Band) - Pearson, Bruce

    This mainstay of grade 1 band literature features solid scoring and memorable melodies. Stirring strains of trumpets and flutes carry the main melody after the opening fanfare. This march offers easy and advanced snare drum parts that can be played simultaneously. A must for every young band library!

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    Fanfare For A Celebration (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Pearson, Bruce

    This fanfare celebrates the students themselves, and their achievement of completing their first year of musical studies. After a brief introduction by the entire percussion ensemble, the winds enter with a stately theme with martial accompaniment. A contrasting section features the woodwinds playing a tender melody before the percussion brings back the initial theme and ends the piece triumphantly.

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    JOYANCE (Concert Band) - Pearson, Bruce

    An exultant 18th century hymn-tune provides the melodic inspiration for Joyance. Written in ternary form, the work opens with a hymn-based maestoso introduction in Eb Major. Following the Allegro A section (also based melodically on the hymn), the mood becomes plaintive as the B Section is presented featuring a relative minor version of hymn motives. Following a return of the Eb Major A section, the work concludes with a coda, during which a victorious exclamation of the complete Darwall composition is heard.

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    JUBILATIONS (Concert Band) - Pearson, Bruce

    A stylish concert overture, Jubilations is written in traditional ABA form. The A section is spirited and full of rhythmic vitality. The B section opens with a warm trumpet solo melody set against contemporary harmonies and relaxed rhythms in the woodwinds. This concert opener will have the audience on their feet!

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    KINGSBURY MARCH (Concert Band) - Pearson, Bruce

    This stately march in turn gives trumpets, woodwinds and low brass a chance to play the melody. Percussion is prominent throughout, giving that military march feel.

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    Samba-Le-Le (Concert Band - Score and Parts) - Pearson, Bruce

    Samba-llexpands the eight measure exercise found in Tradition of Excellence Book 1 into a full-fledged piece for beginning band. Ample opportunities for percussion students to play exciting rhythms on instruments not typically used in repertoire of this level, like congas, timbales, an agogo bells.

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