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    's Wonderful

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    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Words and music by Eddie Pola and George Wyle / arr. Michael Story

    Flowing and graceful, Michael Story?'s solidly scored holiday classic is a snap to prepare. You just can?'t go wrong with a master arranger and a time-honored melody. It?'s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year---indeed it is! (1:53) This title is available in SmartMusic.

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    Cloud(iu)s ... the Clouds Man - Thiemo Kraas

    4 Miniatures for Winds: 1. Wind 2. Storm 3. Rain 4. Sun and Snow There was a little child who enthusiastically told a story ... and a composer who was equally inspired by the child and its story to write these miniatures. At the premier performance of my composition "Arcus" in March 2011, when I explained how a piece about the rainbow came into being, a little girl came up to me and asked: "Thiemo, what about the man in the clouds?" I obviously had forgotten to include him, though he is - as the little girl informed me - of extreme importance in the sky: "He sits in the clouds and is responsible for the weather. He shakes rain, wind, storm or snow out of the clouds, he pushes them aside to let the sunshine through or he models them into funny figures, making people on earth smile." Fascinated by the girl's ingenuous ideas I created this small composition, sitting in my study and letting my mind wander into the sky. As the man in the clouds naturally has to have a name, I decided to call him "Cloud(iu)s ... man in the clouds". I dedicate this piece to the children of my beginner's band, who show me again and again how wonderful and precious it is to delight in the small things in life ...

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    136th U.S.A. Field Artillery - Henry Fillmore

    Editor Robert Foster has uncovered another forgotten Henry Fillmore march and restored it to its rightful place in band repertoire. This may be one of the best Fillmore marches we have heard that is for the most part still unknown. Written to stir patriotism during World War I, all of the wonderful Fillmore trademarks are present in this exceptional march. It is tuneful, exciting and well-scored; presented in a full score edition for the first time, exactly as Fillmore intended it to be.

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    Washington Grays (CB) - Claudio S. Grafulla - Bert Van Thienen

    Washington Grays is an American march composed by Claudio S. Grafulla in 1861. Written for the 8th Regiment, New York State Militia based at the Kingsbridge Armory. The "grays" in the title refers to the color of the regimental uniforms. There are elements of the Italian and German march in Washington Grays, with running sixteenth notes and responding bass voices creating a wonderful counterpoint. A crowd pleaser!

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    Album Volume 4 - NAULAIS, Jérôme (Arr.)

    Serenade (Schubert) / 'S Wonderful (Gershwin) / Greensleeves / Humoresque (Dvorak) / Sarabande I (Hndel)

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    Flic-Flac - GERSHWIN, George (Arr.: Ted Barclay)

    Strike Up The Band / 'S Wonderful / I Got Rhythm

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