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    The Eternal Journey

    Written as a tribute to Mike Bandman, Ruth Moore and Jeff Worth, band directors in Gurnee School District 56 Gurnee, Illinois in recognition of their 94 years of combined service to the band and music programs, "The Eternal Journey" opens with a strong brass flourish and delightfully simple melodic statement which is developed throughout the composition. The slower middle section is a powerful hymn-like setting written as an expression of gratitude from a grateful music community, leading us into a dramatic and powerful conclusion. "The Eternal Journey" is a perfect festival piece and is sure to be one of your student's favorite.

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    Fire of Eternal Glory - Dimitri Shostakovich - James Curnow

    Although considered to be a small work in Shostakovich's catalog, “The Fire of Eternal Glory” was one of his best known works in the USSR. A recording of the piece, originally written for the war memorial in Novorossiyek, has been playing continuously at that location since its construction in 1960, possibly making it one of the most frequently played pieces of classical music in existence. James Curnow's arrangement for young band begins with delicate sounds from the bells, and builds to a tremendous climax for full band. Dur: 2:30

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    Eternal Summer - Peter Terry

    Eternal Summer is like a breath of fresh air in the warm heat of summer. It is a tuneful composition from composer Peter Terry that exhibits all of the elements he has already become known for, including fresh harmonic perspectives, driving rhythms and wonderful scoring. This is another example of why Peter's popularity is growing so quickly in the band world!

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    A Spirit Eternal

    A beautiful and powerful hymn-like setting, "A Spirit Eternal" was written as a memorial to the composer's former Miami University student Stephanie Markham Minge who passed away in 2012 after a 7 year battle with cancer. Simple melodies, lush harmonies and soaring countermelodies bring tribute to a beautiful and courageous life that ended to soon. Beautiful and emotional!

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    Eternal Hope

    A dramatic ballad with deep and rich sonorities, Eternal Hope was written simply as a prayer for peace. Weaving throughout the choirs of instruments, the flowing melodies and soaring countermelodies build into a dramatic climax. This emotional composition is David Shaffer at his very best. Perfect for any program setting.

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    ETERNAL LIGHT (Concert Band) - Meechan, Peter

    Eternal Light is a piece of music telling the oldest story of them all, that of good against evil. The saxophones take the lead role, telling their tales of peace throughout the composition, whilst the brass are the forces of evil! They battle throughout the piece, before eventually the saxophones win the day, and good defeats evil in the peaceful conclusion.

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    ETERNAL VIGILANCE (The Long Brave Line) (Concert Band) - Jager, Robert

    The result of a collaborative commission by the U.S. Air Force Academy Band, the U.S. Coast Guard Band, the U.S. Military Academy Band and the U.S. Naval Academy Band, this major work for band takes its title from a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," and a variation of the West Point motto, "The Long Gray Line." Opening with a tribute to those who have gone before in service to our country, a solemn, noble theme is presented that reappears near the end of the composition. The main body of the work is a series of march-like themes and idiomatic fragments culminating in a glorious full-band fanfare. Following a restatement of the "noble" theme, a stirring coda brings the music to a climactic close. Duration: 8:30 American Grade 5.

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    Hope Springs Eternal

    "Hope Springs Eternal" is a soaring and uplifting work by Andrew F. Poor. This inspirational work for developing concert bands creatively blends exciting original melodies with the beautiful hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul." Written to be an affirmation and celebration of life, the reflective introduction gives way to a spirited and joyful fast section that eventually culminates in a powerful musical celebration. Many sections of the band are featured. Sure to be a favorite of your students and audiences alike, this piece is the perfect selection for both a concert or contest program.

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    Of Honor and Valor Eternal

    Commissioned for the 2005 Mississippi All-State Band, "Of Honor and Valor Eternal" is a very impressive debut composition by an outstanding young composer. Contemporary in nature and full of vitality, it features short solos for oboe, clarinet and trumpet and interesting interplay between the various motives. The sonorities of the horn lines mix with the powerful rhythms of the percussion to create a dynamic and vibrant work that is perfect for any concert or contest performance by better bands.

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    The Light Eternal

    A powerful work that recounts the magnificent story of four U.S. Army Chaplains who heroically sacrificed their lives during World War II. "The Light Eternal" is based on the well-known hymn, "God Of Our Fathers", and is filled with an abundance of musical inventiveness that will produce a startling emotional impact on the listener. Audiences will be overwhelmed!

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