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    3 Days - Patrick Verhaegen

    3 Days - Patrick Verhaegen - 1'50'' - BVT108 Light and short opening piece by Patrick Verhaegen written for the 3-day Easter course of K.F. De Berthoutzonen in 2001, hence the title. All sections of the band are being introduced.

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    A Mother's Treasure - Jan De Maeseneer

    A Mother's Treasure - Jan De Maeseneer - 4'00'' - BVT064 FLUGELHORN SOLO A Mother's Treasure tells the musical story of the mother who sees her daughter grow up. As a little girl she is playing simple pieces that you will hear back in the trumpet part. Later she is in her teens when she go in search for some challenges, to herself as a musician and as a person. In the last part of the composition she finds peace and enjoys life that her mother has given her.

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    Aurelia - Filip Ceunen

    Aurelia - Filip Ceunen - 04'50'' - BVT106 The concert march Aurelia was commissioned by Wind band 'Sint-Jorisgilde' from Meerhout-Gestel (B) on the occasion of their 115th anniversary.The march was written in a cinematic style with references to the anthem 'Oh mijn liefste Meerhout' - Oh my dearest town of Meerhout. The name 'Aurelia' is based on the topographical configuration of Meerhout, as it were, which is in the form of a butterfly. Aurelia is the Latin word for (gold) butterfly.

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    B-Liss - Jan De Maeseneer

    B-Liss - Jan De Maeseneer - 3'55'' - BVT023 ALTO SAX AND TROMBONE DUET B-Liss is a duet for alto saxophone and trombone. You get a kind of battle between the two instruments which will culminate in the ultimate music experience, sharing a great musical moment together. Fun fact: This solo is written like a bet between two very good musician friends and the price was as you might guess a bottle of Baileys.

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    Beautiful Moments - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Beautiful Moments - Stijn Aertgeerts - 4'15'' - BVT097 'Beautiful Moments " is written for the wedding of some close friends of the composer. A simple melody, introduced by the saxophones, followed by the theme played by the trumpet and floats on through the other sections of the band with some wonderful tutti passages.

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    Beginner's Luck - Patrick Verhaegen

    Beginner's Luck - Patrick Verhaegen - 5'30'' - BVT124 Also young bands or lower section bands need bigger works, composer Patrick Verhaegen wrote them a concert piece in a modern style. Writen for the youth band of 'Koninklijke Fanfare De Eendracht' from Keerbergen (Belgium).

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    Berceuse heroque - Claude Debussy - Bert Van Thienen

    Berceuse hero?que - Claude Debussy - arr. Bert Van Thienen - 4'00'' - BVT058 In November 1914 Debussy composed his Berceuse hero?que, original for piano, which was dedicated to "His Masjesty King Albert I of Belgium and his soldiers". A very nostalgic piece referring to the Belgian Nationals anthem, perfect for a 14-18 remembrance concert!

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    Black Saturday - Stijn Aertgeerts

    Black Saturday - Stijn Aertgeerts - 12'00'' - BVT086 The 'Black Saturday' bushfires were a series of bushfires that ignited or were burning across the Australian state of Victoria on and around Saturday, 7 February 2009 and were Australia's worst ever bush fire disasters. The fires occurred during extreme bushfire-weather conditions and resulted in Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire, 173 people died and 414 were injured as a result of the fires.

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    Brabanonne - Eugène Ysaÿe - Bert Van Thienen

    Braban?onne - Eug?ne Ysa?e (arr. Bert Van Thienen) - 1'10'' - BVT007 For the arrival of the King in November 1918 Eug?ne Ysa?e wrote this festive version of the Belgian anthem . Perfect opener for your remembrance concerts '14-'18.

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    Casino Royale - David Arnold - Danny Van Uffel

    Casino Royale - David Arnold - arr. Danny Van Uffel - 7'30'' - BVT030 Selections from the James Bond soundtrack 'Casino Royale'

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