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    BRAVE Soundtrack Highlights (Concert Band) - Doyle, Patrick - Sparke, Philip

    Patrick Doyle, who has already been nominated for an Oscar and two Golden Globes for is fabulous film music, created the soundtrack for the Disney/Pixar film Brave. Philip Sparke, was inspired by the powerful, lyrical and celtic-flavoured melodies to put together a stylish medley for concert band, in which the following tunes appear: Fate and Destiny; The Games; Merida's Home; Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal); Touch the Sky. Duration: 6:00

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    CONCERT PRELUDE (Concert Band) - Sparke, Philip

    After a majestic fanfare introduction, a quick-paced syncopated section ensues with long legato lines soaring above the texture in the upper woodwinds. Just what you would expect from Philip Sparke... a piece that will make your band sound great!

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    CONQUEROR, The (Fanfare Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Philip Sparke wrote this march for the famous brass band contest held ever year on Whit Friday in Oldham and Saddleworth. Given the competition's long history (over 120 years), he consciously composed this piece in a very traditional march form. The title, The Conqueror, refers to Alexander the Great's nickname as well as being something every band aspires to be. Duration: 3:00

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    HYMN TO THE FALLEN (Fanfare Band) - Williams, John - Sparke, Philip

    Saving Private Ryan is certainly one of Steven Spielberg's most powerful films. The brilliant John Williams score creates part of this power. Hymn to the Fallen one of the most powerful and emotional melodies which appears during the closing credits, evokes a feeling of hope and strength amid the overall tone of reverence. Philip Sparke has transcribed this moving work for fanfare band using John Williams original orchestral score as the source. Duration: 7:30

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    EUPHONIUM CONCERTO No.1 (Sparke) (Prestige Concert Band Extra Score) - Sparke, Philip

    Extra Score. This work is in three movements which follow each other without a break. The first has driving rhythms with a central cantabile tune; the second is based around a soulful melody and includes the work's two cadenzas; the third is a sort of caccia with the soloist chasing his way to a florid finish.

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    EUPHONIUM CONCERTO No.1 (Sparke) (Prestige Concert Band Set) - Sparke, Philip

    Score and Parts. This work is in three movements which follow each other without a break. The first has driving rhythms with a central cantabile tune; the second is based around a soulful melody and includes the work's two cadenzas; the third is a sort of caccia with the soloist chasing his way to a florid finish.

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    Watch Your Step! - Philip Sparke

    Watch Your Step! was commissioned by Stadtmusik Biel from Switzerland and is dedicated to the mayor of Biel/Bienne, Erich Fehr. The title was chosen to represent Biel as the watch-making capital of Switzerland. Watch Your Step! is one part of a series of 'up tempo' Sparke marches such as Slipstream, The Bandwagon and Jubiloso. After a bright opening, a syncopated first theme is played, firstly by clarinets and saxophones, and then by the full band. A 'bass strain' is followed by a contrasting second subject, which is played twice. The bass melody returns to herald a truncated version of the main theme, before the opening fanfare reappears as a coda.

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    And Still, the Spirit - Philip Sparke

    This work was commissioned by Dr. Robert Oertli from Mhlin, Switzerland, and is based on an earlier composition called Spirit of the Sequoia. The piece is inspired by how the human spirit can gain from setbacks: we become stronger after adversity. Sparke used the Californian redwood tree as a metaphor for this basic idea. The remarkable life cycle of these amazing trees involves them dropping seeds to the ground, which require heat to open their shells and germinate; the seeds require destruction in order to procreate. This piece is particularly suitable for younger bands - one of the last wishes of the initial commissioner.

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    Zodiac Dances - Philip Sparke

    Zodiac Dances was commissioned by the Izumiotsu City Band, Osaka, Japan to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Sparke had previously written the piece, Prelude to a Celebration for the band, and in composing a new piece for their 50th anniversary wanted to personalise it to reflect the band's history. He chose to write a set of six dance-miniatures based on the decades following the band's foundation and the equivalent signs from the Japanese 'Junishi'. During the piece, all aspects of true musicianship come to the surface. Energetic playing, phrasing, melodic music making, technique and a spectacular finale make this work a perfect test or concert work!

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    Diamond Concerto - Philip Sparke

    Diamond Concerto was commissioned by Musikverein Mrschied from Germany - Dr. Eric Grandjean, conductor - for a special concert featuring Steven Mead as guest soloist. Together they gave the world premiere on 28th April 2012 in the town theatre of Idar-Oberstein.The commission is a highlight in the 30-year friendship between composer and soloist, which has included many mutual CD projects and concerts and, now, a concerto. Sparke had Steven Mead's special euphonium sound in his head throughout the composition process and made free use of the variety of styles which the world-renowned virtuoso has made his own during his highly successful solo career.The village of Mrschied lies to the west of Frankfurt am Main in the area known as the German Road of Precious Stones, which is famous for its thriving gem industry. Because of this it was decided to give the commission a local connection by choosing the title, Diamond Concerto. Each of the three movements is named after a famous diamond:1 EARTH STARis rather stern in mood, opening with a free fantasy for the soloist over a static chord from the band. This leads to an Allegro Moderato in minor mode where small motives are gradually repeated and developed by both band and soloist.2 OCEAN DREAMuses a varied quote from the composer's Music for Battle Creek, including a melting slow melody that was originally written with Steven Mead in mind.3 BLUE HEARTwas written, at Steven Mead's suggestion, in bebop style and takes the form of a jazz waltz. The quasi-improvisatory central section features a call-and-response passage for the soloist and upper woodwinds.Soloist: Difficulty 6Diamond Concerto is available for euphonium and piano (AMP 374-401) as well as for euphonium and brass band (AMP 354-030).

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