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    At dawn they slept - Jay Bocook - Jay Bocook)

    Premiered at Pearl Harbor, this new work from Jay Bocook is a musical remembrance of that fateful day that launched our country into WWII. Opening with a beautiful and flowing melody featuring the woodwinds, the day begins with a lone bugler but with ominous undertones foretelling the chaos to follow. The attack is depicted using inventive scoring textures, dissonances and percussion. In the final segment, the opening melody returns juxtaposed over a strong rhythmic pulse in a hopeful look to the future. A powerful musical statement from one of today's most gifted composers!

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    Legacy of Honor - Jay Bocook - Jay Bocook)

    This impressive work from Jay Bocook opens with a reverent and lush chorale segment interspersed with brief solos for oboe, flute, trumpet, and bassoon. The pace quickens with a grand heroic theme which evolves and intensifiesinto a majestic climax. The mood calms as this beautifully orchestrated and rewarding piece closes in a quiet and delicate manner. Dur: 5:45

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    Gap Creek - Jay Bocook - Jay Bocook)

    Here is a terrific new easy overture from Jay Bocook written in two contrasting tempos. The slow opening section weaves a texture of striking harmonies and graceful melodic lines. The fast section is introduced by a bold trumpet statement and there is a hint of Appalachian folk music as the composition builds to a lively finish.

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    Into the Light - Jay Bocook - Jay Bocook)

    A compelling work from the skilled pen of Jay Bocook. This one-movement composition is structured in two main sections, one reflective and one soaring and hopeful, depicting the shortened life of a young clarinetist and how she inspired those who knew her. A dramatic piece of concert literature for today's bands from one of the field's most respected writers.

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    The North Face - Jay Bocook - Jay Bocook)

    Here's an imaginative new work for band, programmatic in its approach and refreshing to play or hear. Jay paints a musical picture of a great mountain peak displaying its many moods, from serene to tumultuous to hearlding gradeur. Your students will love the film score-like approach and its satisfying musical experience.

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  • £61.00

    The Cowboys - By John Williams / arr. Jay Bocook

    Here's an easy treatment of the classic John Williams film score. Jay Bocook has skillfully combined the major themes using solid keys, ranges, and rhythms for young band. An impressive Western panorama.

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    The Blues Brothers Revue - Jay Bocook

    You simply can't top the Blues Brothers for high-energy musical entertainment. In this medley of their best-known tunes, Jay Bocook provides an exciting arrangement perfect for any pops or lighter program. Includes: I Can't Turn You Loose, Soul Man, Soul Finger, and Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.

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    Symphonic Suite from Star Wars: The Force Awakens - John Williams - Jay Bocook

    Utilizing the distinctive "Jedi Steps" theme featured at the end of the film, combined with the rousing "Finale" from the end credits, Jay Bocook authentically recreates the beauty and power of this amazing film score. Courtesy of Mr. Williams himself, an alternate "concert ending" is provided in addition to the quiet ending as heard at the end of the film.

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    Somewhere from West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein - Jay Bocook

    The most memorable and emotional ballad from one of the most enduring musicals of all time skilfully adapted for concert band by Jay Bocook.

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    Aztec Fire - Jay Bocook - Jay Bocook)

    Here is a bold work with plenty of Latin excitement and drive. Contrast is provided in the melodic middle section, then the piece roars to a powerful conclusion.Hal Leonard's innovative Flex-Band series is designed to provide exciting music for bands with incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation. Written using just five parts (plus percussion), these arrangements will work with virtually ANY combination of brass or woodwinds – even strings. Dur: 2:20

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