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    Concerto for Wind Ensemble (Rev. 2008) Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Commissioned by the Michigan State University Alumni Band, this three movement work by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Karel Husa was the winner of the first Louis Sudler International Wind Band Composition Competition in 1983. Previously available only in rental, we are proud to offer this important work for publication.A note from the composer: Divided into three movements, this work is a display of virtuoso passages given to solo instruments as well as to the groups of the ensemble. In the Fanfare of the first movement, the brass section "concertizes" in groups of four brass quintets (2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba or baritone), spread from left to right in back. The saxophones (S, A, T, B) are placed in front of the brass quintets, and the woodwinds occupy the front of the stage, with percussion on the left and right side. These groups, like the brass quintets, play in the concertante style, particularly in the first and last movements. At the same time, each movement contains individual solo passages (for example, timpani and flute in Movement I - "Drum Ceremony" and English horn and other low woodwinds in Movement II - "Elegy"). The composition of this piece was prompted by the excellence of wind and percussion players today, and by the incredible growth of wind ensembles, orchestras, and bands in the last 25 years. It is intended for their enjoyment. 23:00

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    MYSTERIES OF THE HORIZON (Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra) (Wind Band CD)

    Great British Music for Wind Band Vol.21. Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra. Conductors: Clark Rundell, Mark Heron & Jeffrey Mathews. Special Guest Soloist: Brendan Ball (Trumpet)MAJESTY (Rob Wiffin) 3:29 (A Little Ceremonial Music No.1)A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS (Martin Ellerby) 13:00Parts 1: Spring Steps (4:32)Part 2: Winter Tales/Autumn Memories (5:25)Part 3 Indian Summer (3:03)TOCCATA IN BLUE Duncan Stubbs (4:08)MYSTERIES OF THE HORIZON Nigel Clarke 21:05(Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra - Solo Trumpet: Brendan Ball)1. The Menace Assasin (6:29)2. The Dominion of Light (2.15)3 The Flavour of Tears (6:31)4. The Discovery of Fire (5:5)A STAR DANCED (Y Seren Delawns) (Nichola Renshaw) 5:54CLOUD DRIFT (Rob Wiffin) 4:14Solo Bassoon: Andres Yauri AndoquiaWATERLOO 200 (A Commemorative Suite) (Martin Ellerby) 16:311. Overture: Return of the Emperor (3:13)2. Intermezzo: At the Duchess of Richmond's Ball (2:39)3. Scenario: On the Field of Waterloo (7:17)4. Finale: Thine Be the Glory (3:22)

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    Triglav Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Julius Fucik wrote over 100 compositions: chamber music and piano pieces as well as works for symphony orchestra and choir. Aside from this he created countless compositions for wind band, earning himself the nickname 'Bohemian Sousa'. Triglav (opus 72) is an original march for wind band from 1900, named after the highest peak of Slovenia. Wil van der Beek has arranged this march for modern wind band instrumentation. 0:02:50

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    WIND BORNE (Royal Northern College of Music Wind Band) (CD)

    Great British Music for Wind Band Vol.14 Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra conducted by Clark Rundell and Mark Heron. Guest Soloist: Kenneth Boyd (Tenor). Includes: Heroic March (Fletcher/Sparke); The Cries of London (Martin Ellerby); Diversions (Epitaph for a Dreamer) (Darrol Barry); Leading Edge (Rob Wiffin); Wind Borne (Avner Hanani); Dragon Dance (Duncan Stubbs); Fanfares and Celebrations (Nigel Clarke)

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    Wind Sketches Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Wind Sketches is a top quality concert work for wind band in three movements, inspired by the relationship between man and wind. Trade Winds, in the form of a march, is reminiscent of a shanty, conjuring up seafaring and the trade winds. Becalmed, harmonically and melodically almost static, depicts the doldrums. All the more contrasting is Riding the Storm, which concerns the love-hate relationship of people to the winds that he needs and at the same times fears. 13:33

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    BELLS ACROSS THE ATLANTIC (Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra) (Wind Band CD)

    Great British Music for Wind Band Vol.19 Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra conducted by Clark Rundell, Mark Heron and Jeffrey Matthews. Includes: Principio (Rob Wiffin); Runcorn Bridge (Gary Carpenter); The Song of Luthien - Flute Soloist: Rachel Smith; Cane River Murals (Martin Ellerby) containing the movements: Spring Planting (Spiritual); Wash Day (Scherzo); Baptism, Wedding & Funeral (Triptych); Honky Tonk (Blues); Pecan Harvest (Celebration); The Flavour of Tears (Nigel Clarke) - Trumpet Soloist: Gareth Small; A 'Silent Movie' Suite (Martin Ellerby) containing the movements: Hollywood Fanfare; Follow that Cab!; Gangster's Moll; Bungling Burglars; Matinee Idol; Slapstick!; Bells Across the Atlantic (Adam Gorb); Two Peninsular Marches (Martin Ellerby) containing the movements: Salamanca (22 July, 1812); Vitoria (21 Just, 1813).

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    Canterbury Chorale Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    This quiet piece with its broad tones was originally written for brass band on request of Robert Leveugle, chairman of the composers own band: Brass Band Midden Brabant (Belgium). The direct cause was a visit to the beautiful cathedral of the English city Canterbury, in which so many fine compositions sounded throughout the centuries. Later on, Jan Van der Roost rescored this piece for symphonic wind band, exploring the full richness of colours of this formation. Besides solo phrases for several instruments, there are some massive tutti passages making the wind orchestra sound like a majestic organ. By the way: an "ad libitum" organ part adds an extra richness, colour and power to this piece, making it sound even more broad and grand. 0:06:32

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    FROM THE DEPTHS OF TIME (Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra) (Wind Band CD)

    Great British Music for Wind Band Vol.22. Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra. Conductors: Clark Rundell, Mark Heron, Jeffrey Mathews, Wing Commander Duncan Stubbs and Captain Sam Hairsine. Special Guest: Kantos Chamber Choir (Musical Director: Elspeth Slorach)TERRA AUSTRALIS (Martin Ellerby)PABIAGA'S HEART (Nichola Renshaw)SCARLET AND GOLD (Rob Wiffin)FROM THE DEPTHS OF TIME (Duncan Stubbs)Igneous - 'Born of Fire'Sedimentary - 'Laid to Rest'Metamporphic - 'Born Anew'ACRID LINES (Tom Harrold)IN FLANDERS FIELDS (Rob Wiffin)Vocal Soloist: Helen MaxwellMASS OF ST. THOMAS AQUINAS (Martin Ellerby)Vocal Soloist: Leonie MaxwellKyrieGloriaSanctusBenedictusAgus Dei

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    Spirit of Endeavour Wind Band Set (Score & Parts)

    Spirit of Endeavour is a virtuosic piece of music with a positive musical message. It tells the story of a wind band embracing hard work, friendship, musical excellence, love, marriage and birth, as well as the sad loss of cherished members. Composer Philip Sparke decided to salute the history of the Canadian concert band 'Harmonie de Charlesbourg' with a work that falls into two contrasted sections. One Vision deals with forming the band and the subsequent united desire to create an ensemble espousing the idea of musical perfection. The Pursuit of Excellence salutes the 20 years of hard work of the wind band. This concert work ends with a chorale of the full band, symbolising the fulfilment of a united dream! 09:20

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    The Pageant Of London (Wind Band/Score & Parts) - Frank Bridge

    Frank Bridge was one of the finest English composers of the first half of the 20th century. is his only work for wind band, comprising of two marches, one scored from Bridge's best known organ piece and including the chimes of Big Ben, plus three short renaissance pastiche items, one arranged from (later used by Peter Warlock in ). The music is tuneful, approachable and, in the words of wind band 'legend' Timothy Reynish makes a fine alternative to Holst's two suites, which were composed around the same time. Reynish has introduced this work to concert bands right across the world. It has been performed in USA and the Far East, recorded by the celebrated and also by the in the Chandos edition of Bridge Orchestral Music.

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